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  1. ChappyMX828

    Baja 1000 2009 on NBC

    Anyone know if you can view this online anywhere? We got screwed in Des Moines. Apparently the local station thought we'd be more interested in infomercials.
  2. ChappyMX828

    cant decide between the two.....

    I've got the T-4 on both my 2000 XRR pre-runner and my 2006 XRR race bike. Pre-ran and raced those in the last two Baja 1000's and have been real happy with how well they held up. Good sound and performance. The '06 has the "conical" end on it. Doesn't seem to make a real big difference in the sound. Both are pretty loud. I haven't ran the two bros so can't speak to that system. The T-4 gets my vote.
  3. ChappyMX828

    Baja 1000 On Tv

    Dish Network is listed the same way. So much for an accurate search feature. Enjoy!!!
  4. ChappyMX828

    268X race report

    If anyone has any pics of us, please post here or PM me. Thanks all! Jeff Chapman 268X
  5. ChappyMX828

    When is the 2008 Baja 500 course map gonna be ready?

    The April 23rd show on Totally Off-road radio has Sal on there talking about where the course is going to go. http://www.torrshow.com/previous_shows
  6. ChappyMX828

    Pics of my muddy pig

    That looks like some sticky mud! I'm surprised to see there wasn't a set of boots sticking out of the mud a couple steps from the bike. Good job on getting the bike out of it.
  7. ChappyMX828

    Cactus Films - Ensenada based, anyone order from them direct?

    I just emailed the folks at Cactus Films asking about the bikes and quad's video for the 2007 Baja 1000. They responded saying the video would be out next week. Here's the link they sent me to the trailer on Youtube:
  8. ChappyMX828

    Baja 1000 on NBC?

    I think its on NBC on the 30th. 1PM Central Time.
  9. ChappyMX828

    259X race report - 2007 Baja 1000

    Yep, that was us. Good to talk with you and hey, congrats on the finish. You guys really hauled the mail. I'd just like to thank you again for all the advice and help you gave us in our first desert race. Hope to see you again on our next trip west.
  10. ChappyMX828

    chest protectors

    I've been pretty happy with the Thor Impact Rig SE. I wear it for local Hare Scrambles and I wore it in the Baja 1000 this year. It offers good protection for your arms, has the removable back plate and has an integrated kidney belt. It has paid for itself in more than one crash in the rocks. I usually wear a chest protector for MX. Either one is better than nothing in my opinion.
  11. ChappyMX828

    259X race report - 2007 Baja 1000

    That was me, Kevin and our support guy Craig at Santa Rita. Good to finally meet you. Congrats on your finish, you guys really kicked some butt. It felt real good to see the finish line at Cabo. This being our first desert race, we were really happy to just finish. I'd do it again, but I'd like to try a loop race next time. You guys doing some more races next year?
  12. ChappyMX828

    Ride an XR650R?

    We're in the Sportsman class. 259X. I like the motto, we'll do our best to take it to heart!
  13. ChappyMX828

    Ride an XR650R?

    We'll be racing my 2006 in the Baja 1000 this year. We're all on XRs. Long live the BRP!
  14. ChappyMX828

    Best Radiator guard XR650R

    I like the way the Unabiker guards are built. Seems like they'll be really strong. Has anyone had any issues with them rubbing on the oil line? I'm installing a set on my 2000 XR650R right now and it seems like the top corner of the guard rubs on the oil line.
  15. ChappyMX828

    HS in IA, IL

    I agree with YZ Scrambler. I'd start off in the c class. I rode MX in the B class for a couple years. This is my first year of doing Hare Scrambles. Riding a 2 hour HS definitely requires a different riding style than MX. But HS are a lot of fun!