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  1. SAGringo

    What Do You Think About Step Seats?

    i think it helps keep me in place, but mostly i feel a lot more confidence seat bouncing and cornering because i know exactly where i am on the bike.
  2. i've got an 08 yz 450 i picked up in january. i put an hour meter on it before ever lighting it up and i'm up to 32 some odd hrs. what should i be planning to do here shortly? i haven't bothered to do anything other than oil changes every 3-4 hrs. haven't even checked the valves yet because it still starts easily. when should i check/shim the valves, do the top end, replace the valves? also any info or estimations on the clutch, and suspension service intervals would be killer. if it helps/matters, i ride quite a bit and race (off road A) twice a month. thanks.
  3. SAGringo

    Is going up 1 tooth on the rear worth it??

    you need a flywheel weight bro. low cost and it will fix most, if not all, your woes. unless you ride a lot of mx you could stand to get one of the heavier ones. i know fast dudes that ride both off road, and mx without ever removing the flywheel weight. you'll notice a big difference.
  4. SAGringo

    gray oil

    my oil has looked like crude every time i have changed it since it was new. a guy at my local shop says he runs belray thumper oil (orange) and it comes out the way it goes in. well he must've put a watch on his bike instead of an hour meter because i do mine every 3 hrs and it always comes out looking pretty bad.
  5. SAGringo

    2008 yz 450 gearing??

    yeah, i'm running the stock exhaust. my sprocket sponsor is all out of 49's and i'm in pretty quick need. the more i think about it a 50 would probably be perfect anyway. thanks, and if anyone else has some hot setup tips for gearing or anything else i'd be glad to hear it.
  6. all i have used is the stock gearing, curious if anyone has come up with anything else they prefer better. thanks.
  7. any racers out there tried out a flywheel weight yet? i normally ride moto and love the bike, but when i got into a tight off road race i kept trying to down shift only to find i was already in 1st. granted in was tight, slick, rutted and muddy.