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    Where does the negative battery lead terminate?

    Thanks for the reply! Mike
  2. I can't figure where the negative battery lead terminates on the bike? I'm pretty sure it should be somewhere on the crankcase, but it does not seem obvious to me. I know I can pretty much put it anywhere, but where is it suppose to go? I just changed my crankcases out, and it's been a while (so I forgot). I can't find it in the manual and it's really bugging me. Thanks, Mike
  3. I cracked my crankcase and need to change them. I have got to the point were the engine is out of the bike. I am now trying to decide if I should replace the cases myself, or if I should bring it to a professional mechanic. I am somewhat comfortable working on the bike, but for some reason have always been afraid to pull apart a crankcase. I have changed pistons, and rings before, but never went below the heads. So... has anyone here pulled apart their own crankcases? How did you find the experience. Did you regret not sending it to a professional mechanic? Did you need to buy specialty tools? Thanks in advance for all replies.
  4. mikepmtl

    Tips on taking off front sprocket

    It's still stock... so if there is locktite on it, the moco did it. I went out and bought a 450lbs impact driver for $110.00. Hopefully that will do the trick. I'll find out tomorrow. Thanks for the replies.
  5. I've been trying to remove the front sprocket nut for an hour now using a ratchet with a pipe on top of it as a breaker bar and not getting very far. I tried to heat up the nut, but it still won't budge. First stupid question.. This is a normal thread right? Counter clockwise (turn left) to remove it. Can anyone share any methods they have found successful in removing it? Thanks, Mike