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    Overheating Exhaust

    You guys know nothing. The glowing pipe was designed to be a cigar lighter, and can also be used to start small brush fires.
  2. Coolhand55 knows what he's talking about. These would be the only options I would use. Epoxy might work O.K. for a while, but due to the different expansion and contraction rates of Alum./Epoxy, it will probably start leaking very soon. Also, the heat of the engine can soften the Epoxy and cause it to fail (Ever try to remove Epoxy.... just heat it up and you can scrape it off.) A little grease on the drill and tap will hold the chips, and common sense should tell you how far to drill in. Red loctite would seal and prevent the screw from ever leaking or backing out. The simplest way would be to have the hole welded closed if it is aluminium. Of course not everyone has the skill or knowlege to perform these operations properly. For those folks, Epoxy will have to do.

    What size Honda?

    The XR200R is a heavy bike. If your wife is just starting to ride it might be too heavy for her.

    Is the XR200 too small?

    It might be too big if she has'nt ridden before. If she knows how to ride it'll be O.K.

    82 xr200r Disc brake?

    Is it possible to convert or add on a front disc brake to a 82 xr200r?

    Swingarm chain slider

    If you have the original one, and you want to replace it because of deep chain grooves, you can repair it by filling the grooves with epoxy. You can also make new ones out of plastic, rubber etc.
  7. I didn't say it will break, I said when, or if, it breaks it will disintegrate. It won't crack, just a bunch of little pieces to show your friends how well it worked.

    Re-useing cleaned oil?

    There's not many older bikes that take more than 1.5 Qts. Do you know the operating RPM of a jet turbine? I think it can get up to 100,000 RPM but don't know for sure. That would need some pretty good oil! I'm gonna try some of that amsoil.
  9. The only problem with carbon fiber is that it will have "catostrophic failure", meaning that when it breaks it explodes, nothing left, nada. The way they've solved this now is to weave in kevlar with the graphite, but I have'nt seen any bike parts made of this stuff yet.
  10. MOTO GOD

    Reason for piston replacement

    The first thing you should do is buy a service manual. It has all the specs for measureing piston dimensions, ring clearances, cylinder dimensions etc. If you can't do it yourself, any good mechanic (Auto or M/C) can measure this for you. A Piston will not deteriorate unless it's abused eg. overheating, impact with valve parts etc. If it is within spec it will be fine.
  11. MOTO GOD

    HELP!!!! Front brake problem

    Check that the pads are installed correctly.