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  1. lower da price.
  2. Im thinking of removing my silencer from my crf230. I heard it makes the engine sound real good. Does help in any other way??
  3. You should probably drain the gas tank too.
  4. Thanks to everyone, the engines running smooth. I guess i didnt think there are to be adjusting to do since it was brand new.
  5. I just got a brand neww crf230 and i took it out for a test run. it was a bout 55 outside so i warmed it up for a minute or two. While it was doing this i noticed that the rpm was kinda high. I turned the trottle and the rmp went up but it took a while to come back to normal. Also, while i was riding it betwen shifts when i pulled the clutch the rmp went up again. When i was done i put it back to neutral and then the rmp was even higher than before:banghead: Idn, waht i can do and is this is normal my other bike was a lot different. Thanks
  6. Ya that makes sense thanks
  7. I have a 06 crf230 and my freind just bought a 07. While he were riding i noticed that his is about 3-5 in taller than mine. Is this because his didnt "break in" yet or do i need to ajust my shocks. Thanks
  8. I was getting ready to start riding when my friend accedetly knocked over my bike. (running). When i got over there i smelled gas and noticed that there was a small spill by my bike. Where did the gas come out from, (gas cap was fully closed), and is there any ajusting i need to do?
  9. My friend is thinking about getting a 06 ttr230, but I've heard that they have problems with their transmissions. IS this true??
  10. thanks
  11. Anybody know how many times your supposed to change the airfilter. I ride a crf230 stock and ride in all conditions. thanks
  12. I got mine for 3700 not including tax.
  13. Im thinking of getting a new exhaust for my crf230. anyone have any suggestions??