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  1. Very good write up, Gary. Mental conditioning (IMO) has a great deal to do with success in motocross/supercross. Keep it coming:thumbsup:
  2. The furniture in your house looks like my bike:p
  3. Thanks for all the input guys:thumbsup: . I'm going to get one (scotts)
  4. Take a real good look at those jumps again. More than likely the jumps are bigger, but the slope angle stayed the same. As long as the gap between the face and the landing are the same as before your speed should be about the same. Start hydrating yourself and make sure you stretch all your muscles before the race:thumbsup:
  5. You sound confident about your ability and that is good. A percentage of racing is mental, so mentally your ready. If I were you I would practice my starts. YOU WANT THE HOLESHOT. Don't be a hero in the whoops, roll them for now. there are 3 different ways to go threw whoops and it depends on the type to know how to go threw them. You have all season to practice them.So go out there and tear it up:ride:
  6. Factory Connection:thumbsup:
  7. Oh boy:crazy: Is that you, Gray?
  8. Could be the tire? What are you running for sag? Rumor has it those 03's have a good hit:eek:
  9. Be very patient. I'll say it again, be very patient. The nervous novice class is very dangerous. Guys think their the next Carmicheal, but have no experience, can't keep their line, and sometimes ride beyond their ability. Ride cautious and pick them off in non life threatning areas. I've been taken out many times by novice riders:mad: Ride smart and have fun:thumbsup:
  10. Bike is running lean.
  11. I know this has been discussed in the past, but I'm looking for some more input/opinions from people that may have just started using them. What do you guys think, worth the money? I ride 90% mx, 10% trail. Thanks guys:thumbsup:
  12. Dude, isn't it like 4:00 in the morning for you?
  13. Sweet bike! Have you ridden it yet, it looks brand new? Hows that extra height feel when your sitting on the bike? I was afraid that an inch would be to high. I'm trying to gain alittle height (3/8-1/2). The problem I'm having is every aftermarket magazine I have shows different dimensions on the same bar?
  14. It's now squirting more fuel. You need to get a bigger leak jet.