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  1. vancecantdance

    Wants coloured tires

    Hi, I am looking for a website that sells blue tires for my WR, needs to ship to Canada. I have been trying different sites, but to no avail. Please help!!! Thanks
  2. vancecantdance


    i just asked the same question sort of my buddy is geared 14 51 01 426 and has plenty of pulling power all through the gears esp in 5th but loses a bit of top end compared to my stock wr 450 he is jetted and piped hoped that helped a bit
  3. vancecantdance

    426 gearing issues

    my buddy has a 01 426 and is geared 14 51 and really runs out of steam quickly on the top end compared to my wr 450 what is the stock gearing and what is the best gearing for trail riding he is jetted and piped
  4. vancecantdance

    oil change question on wr 450

    Ijust had to be a little more patience since its still under warrenty i went for a drive anyway and the tank filled up
  5. vancecantdance

    oil change question on wr 450

    I just changed the oil on my bike for the first time drained oil tank and crank case put 1 litre back into crank case and started the bike for 30 sec had oil come out the oil gallery hole but nothing is in oil tank what am i doing wrong
  6. vancecantdance

    starter jet ?

    thank you very much
  7. vancecantdance

    starter jet ?

    Can Someone Tell Me What A Starter Jet Does
  8. vancecantdance

    mods to 05kdx220r

    thanks alot guys you have been a great help i'll get back to you in a month or so it's -28 running a little lean right now ha ha
  9. vancecantdance

    mods to 05kdx220r

    Ive Been All Over The Jetting Forum But Cant Find The Proper Jetting Specs Im At 0-1000 And Would Like To Know About Any Other Mods Thanks
  10. vancecantdance

    mods to 05kdx220r

    I Just Bought A Fmf Pipe For My Bike And It Only Came With 1 Size Bigger Main Jet And The Dealer Said Thats All I Need There Must Be More Mods To Do Than That Please Help
  11. vancecantdance

    gas tank options for wr

    thanks alot boys that was a great help this web site is awesome
  12. vancecantdance

    gas tank options for wr

    I Cant Seem To Find The Right Information On A Aftermarket Gas Tank For My 06 Wr450 I Clicked On Clark & Acerbis & Ims But Cant Bring Up Any Pics Or Prices I Am Kind Of Looking For A Canadian Distributer Because It Cost So Much To Get It Across The Border Any Help Would Be Apprecated Tanks Guys
  13. vancecantdance

    Best pipe for 2005 XR650r

    if you are looking for more power and looking to go really fast go to your local yamaha dealer and inquire about a wr 450 ha ha birch
  14. vancecantdance

    Bought new 06 WR450 ** has questions about mods

    thanks for steering me in the right direction i,ll get back to you in a couple months its -10 out right now and the bike is working like shit thanks for your help
  15. vancecantdance

    Bought new 06 WR450 ** has questions about mods

    What have you done to yours so far? I haven't touch mine yet, but I want to do a little to the airbox, pull baffle, pull grey wire, and jd jet kit. How does that sound? Thanks Vance can't dance.....