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    Fork Change Needed!

    Hi to all, I removed my gaitor on my 03 E to find the most disturbing damgage, i have no idea how it can of been caused but it left a gash 2 inch by 1.5 inch wide it has flaked into a thousand layers that has penetrated at least a quarter inch into the alloy! I will be posting pics cos i need to know wot did this So i'm in need of some quick info on the differences in forks between E 03 & S 06 models. I understand they're the same forks just sprung differently but i'm loookin at a few pairs on ebay right now and dont have any faith that wot i'm being offered are actually E forks, one in particular has other parts for sale including rads with a fan on them?? I'v tried to find somewhere i can confirm the E was not given fans in 06 but have failed even on here! so can someone confirm that for me?? Also any other problems i might come across that you guys may know of, or refs on this Pucker site i would appreciate.
  2. USD def look much better! I think its the gaitors that make the conventionals look bad. Anyone know of a way to lose them but still protect the fork legs?? I was gonna change to USDs myself but having read this post and a few others i'm gonna spend my dosh elsewhere.Thanx all!!!!
  3. XT71

    Best place to buy plastics

    Same probs this side of the water!!! No Black &%$#@!???????????? Surely blacks popular enough to produce, i see it was stil listed in 07' catalouges????? Be nice to know why???
  4. Nice one Palhaco! Sounds like an rm or rmz fork is the way to go for me considering how i want to use them, pity as the forks i'm lookin at come complete with clamps and headstock all new and unused, dont think they are on anymore as they did not sell but i can get the sellers details if its any use to you SM boys. Unfortunatly they're in the UK! Thanx, Steve
  5. Just found a pair of 06 RMZ 450 forks for sale anybody know if these will fit and the caliper meet my stock disc??? Love to think it would but dont expect it to hang around??????????
  6. Thats a good start guys & thanks, i'm really just tryin to be sure that buying the spotted forks on ebay' i can do the conversion without incurring a heap more expense to make them fit & perform well enough for me to ride moderately off road. ie not crazy air but stil some soft landings needed! William u saved me some cash there already, was told by seller of the front end that i would need the complete front brake assembly, but just buying a disc sounds a lot better but i will check this out! My conv forks feel real bad anyway so i need to do something, all the super moto boys go with usd but i have struggled to find out much on them being used by trail riders. Take the point on the newer RM forks but i would think over here they would cost a bomb! Could i not jus fit RM springs???
  7. Hi all, first time post but i have been reading lots of useful posts on here since buying an 03 DRZ400E 6wks ago. I have the chance to buy some 06 upside downers with yolks & headstock cheap. I really like the look of them & i presume they will perform better?? I did buy the bike for a bit of happy trail riding although at the mo i am using it to commute aswell as its been dry here & its too much fun!! What i need to know is: Will they perform better than conventional? To use off road will the Internal settings need changing? I know the disc on the SM is bigger but will that mean i need an SM front wheel & brake set up? Prety sure i've asked sum stupid questions there but havin read a fair bit on here i hope i will be forgiven & given the answers. Thanx in advance Steve PS. Love this site .fast becoming my bible! If i get these babies fitted i wil def get some pics posted, Think im headin for as black as i can get it!