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  1. Does anyone have a spare motor laying around? i have a 2002 crf here with a motor that was run 2 days without any oil, and its not shifting as well as it should and im sure the compression must have dropped a ton. so if u have something laying around give me a price
  2. i have a 125 lifan with a 22mm mikuni with a 110 mj and im at the bottom of the needle positions. my pilot is a 17.5 and if i go higher on the needle i start to get bogs. is the sock 70 pipe i have on the bike creating a need for a larger jet? i always thought it would be the other way around.
  3. but between the sba /c-4 and b-2 is the suspension pretty much the same between them all.
  4. how does the c-4 compare to the sba.. what are that major differences besides the motor and aluminum frame. and does the c-4 share the same frame as the b2
  5. has anyone heard of a green sticker mid sized bike in the chinese world? and if not, im about 5,8" 145 (man pounds) how comfortable do u think id be on a 50 based bike vs. a 110
  6. so do most of these guys have auto clutches on there bikes? and were there many 4 strokes out there if any?
  7. is there going to be a sale on old ogm midsized bikes now?
  8. or does any one else have an opinion on or experience with the opbs 29 or 29 pro
  9. would u take a c-4 over an orion? and then just deal with a smaller bike
  10. I was under the impression the fastace suspension was good, seems pretty widespread in the pitbike community
  11. now that i think about it when i come down from jumps i feel movement in the head, like there is some play in there i gota go get my stand and check it out. the sensation is when i hit hard the front wheel feels like i moves forward. a jolting sensation, not a smooth suspension actuation
  12. ive heard that opbs upgrades the bikes to fix most of the finicky problems like the rear axle and what not. are cheap controls the only real problem with these bikes cause id rather deal with that then have to spend twice as much on another bike the same size. people are also saying that the frames are strong in the 29s. the 21 not so much but im not going to let that effect my view on the 29s chassis.
  13. i think i did the normal 100 or is it 120 race sag. im not sure i did it correctly the first time though, i spent a lot of time researching for things like race sag and clicker numbers. thing was so damn rough when i went to the track with it the first time i had to do something. i ride trails and ive never bottomed it out so if u guys have any preferences for clicker setting ill be more then happy to try them out. i rode a wr450 on the same trail with quite soft suspension and it handled it way better. it feels like i cant give it gas in the straight aways without the small bumps giving me hell....not that i think about it the front end was altered by JN innovations for a heavier person but the back was left alone. 200lbs maybe
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