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  1. Smias

    xt225 Serow carb

    Any info is welcome!
  2. Smias

    xt225 Serow carb

    Thanks, any chance the same carb was on any other bike besides xt225, like Suzuki dr200 or dr250? Tw200/225?
  3. Smias

    xt225 Serow carb

    I have a xt225 1994-96 model, i want to find what other bike had the same carburator so i can find a good used one. I think it's Mikuni BST or BSR 32 or 34mm..; Any help will be appreciate, thank you!
  4. Smias

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Ok not today but yesterday, after almost 10 years and many happy kms with it i sold my faithful drz465sm... It was something i was thinking for almost 2 years now so couple months ago i took the big decision and made an add for it. Now am going for a Yamaha xt660z Tenere, a totally different bike.. So bye bye my dear fellow DRZers, i will be here but not with the way i was before. TT/drz400 forum was a great school for me, thank you for everything!
  5. Smias

    470 build thread

    William i think his bike is a bb-stroker 462cc with FcrMX-41mm carb..
  6. Hello again gentlemen! Am going make a trip about 200miles with my drz465sm, i 'll start from sea level(Athens Greece) to 1400ft and stay there for about a week. Should i change main & needle or will it be ok ? FcrMX41mm carb 155 main EMP needle 3'rd clip
  7. Smias

    Big bore

    Web or RHC cams, new valves & springs (RHC again). Search here if you're planning for a bb-stroker.
  8. Smias

    470 build thread

    What jetting did the carb came with ;
  9. Smias

    470 build thread

    My FcrMX 41mm has: Pilot 48 Paj removed EMP needle 3'rd clip Main 155 Maj 200 F/s 2 1/2 Sea level, Athens Greece. I have a 462 with RHC cams etc.
  10. Smias

    DR-Z470 MPG and Reliability Reports

    Big Bore= Yes, 94mm/434cc bb kit, 3 layer base gasket. Stroker= Yes, HotRods +4mm Larger Carb= FcrMX41mm Hot cams=RHC cams P&P Work=No... Also Wiseco valves std diam. with RHC springs etc. MRD/Ssw exhaust 3X3 mod with K&N air filter. My bike is a bb-stroker since Jul 2011, it has approx 15-17000kms i can't recall right know, no issues at all except the shim buckets which i changed them 2 weeks ago, the were the original from 2005 & 60000kms on them. As for the mileage on a highway with co passenger and ~120kmph i will switch to RES on about 120 or 150kms depending my right hand..!
  11. Smias

    470 build thread

    This carb Fcr40mm it's not the proper, it hasn't the removable air bell intake. Check this one, it's the right carb with the right price! http://www.power-barn.com/keihin-fcr-mx-carburetor-kit-no-tps-suzuki-drz400-kawasaki-klx400/ $549.00!!!
  12. Thank you Krannie, I was hopping the kit from Pro-X would had oem stuff.. So I 'll just buy the parts you said from Keihin.
  13. Does anybody used them on his bike? I have a FcrMX41mm came off a Husky 610 '06 mod and i've found the ProX carb rebulid kits on a very good price and i think this kit has also the O-ring for the slide. Any thoughts on this ?
  14. Smias

    FCR mod 39mm vs 41mm?

    39mm for stock or 440 bb drz . As for the TPS i really can't understand any difference with or without it, i have mine unplugged .
  15. Smias

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Yesterday we checked the valve clearance, replace the shim buckets, oil & filter change rear brake pads and fix the headlight.