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  1. ponyexpress46

    DRZ400S choke assembly problem

    Yes i looked at it again I believe the clip is missing and it came off of the carb
  2. ponyexpress46

    DRZ400S choke assembly problem

    Hello all- After I rebuilt my BSR36 Mikuni, the choke mechanism operated normally for several months. The bike was warming up and stalled so I pulled the choke to restart the bike. The choke assembly pulled apart from the carburetor. I could not get the choke back together and I ran out of daylight to diagnose. The bike is at my cabin so I wondered if it made sense to purchase a new choke assembly before going back up into the woods since I will make the repair remotely. Has anyone heard of this? If you know the p/n for the choke assembly that would be helpful too! Thanks for looking.
  3. ponyexpress46

    Stock DR jetting recommendation?

    Nighthawk- Where r u riding 6k’? I take my 350se regularly to 6k and higher up in the downieville, ca area, will have it out for a test this weekend. I followed the idle mix setup from kientech with the genuine Mikuni 140 main jet 3x3 mod K&n filter Fmf power core v4 slip on Dyno jet needle, 3rd position down Adjustable idle mix screw This bike had been in the fam for 18 years. I went through it and cleaned out the carb / air filter very thoroughly. It was backfiring like crazy at altitude, I’m thinking dirty air filter and or leaky petcock so I swapped to the raptor assembly. Through help from folks like plugeye and others, the 350 runs better now than in y2k when I got it. I’ll post results of a high altitude ride soon. As far as sea level, this bike runs more smoothly than my drz 400s!!!
  4. ponyexpress46

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    God Valley Rim Trail bear Downieville, CA. This is a newly repurposed section of the Pacific Crest Trail...now Moto and mtb legal!!! Incredible country for riding. Blue Drz-2003 White Drz- 2018
  5. ponyexpress46

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    This 95 has been in the family for almost 20 years. Thanks to the fantastic resource and users on this site, the bike runs better than it did when my dad bought it for me 18 years ago.
  6. ponyexpress46

    350SE CA model vapor hose

    Well I’m pretty sure I misread the book. The pilot screw has the o-rings not the jet. It’s buttoned back up with the adjust screw set up properly. I need to find the sweet idle spot!
  7. ponyexpress46

    350SE CA model vapor hose

    Thanks plug... I pulled the carb because after examining the carb schematic in the service manual, I noticed the idle/pilot jet does not have washers or springs or an o-ring like shown in the book, however this bike did run for sometime without them... The old air/furl screw i removed also did not have any springs or washers. Was this a botch rebuild from PO? Or would the JD kit that’s installed here be an explanation for missing springs and o-rings ? I’m going to PM you my cell, seems like I could use a phone a friend!
  8. ponyexpress46

    350SE CA model vapor hose

    I think my loose air/furl screw moved on me as the motor vibrated.. I had the bike running with choke off (warm) and idling at 1600 rpm Test ride through the gears no backfire no sputtering no issues I shut the bike off as well as the petcock Let it sit for 3 hours and then tried to restart it pulled choke and had to give it gas to get it to fire then it reeved up to 4,500 I still have some work to do....
  9. ponyexpress46

    350SE CA model vapor hose

    Ok I definitely deserved the hose joke!! This may be a silly question but the fuel mix screw I removed from the carb (was already drilled out and adjustable from exterior of carb) did not have the spring or o-ring attached to it. Does the extended acre I have require spring and o-ring? During install I did back it in and out a few times but the screw felt a bit loose inside the carb?? I’m at about 2 screws out now, is that a safe place to start? Should I do anything with the idle speed screw?
  10. ponyexpress46

    350SE CA model vapor hose

    Thank you very much!! I put fresh 91 in the tank, pulled the choke and she fired after about 4 seconds of pressing the button. Very good idle w choke on, when I close the choke bike shuts off, Still have some work to do. How do I know if the adjustment needle seated?? Do I need to pull the whole carb off to verify?
  11. ponyexpress46

    350SE CA model vapor hose

    And while I have your attention take a look at my extended fuel screw...it’s 2 turns out and touching the electric start motor.....
  12. ponyexpress46

    350SE CA model vapor hose

    94 DR350SE (CA) running horrible, hose routing questions https://thumpertalk.com/applications/tapatalk/index.php?/topic/464979-94-DR350SE-%28CA%29-running-horrible%2C-hose-routing-questions Plugeye- I fond this post from TT 2007 but unfortunately the photos have been removed
  13. ponyexpress46

    350SE CA model vapor hose

  14. ponyexpress46

    350SE CA model vapor hose

    Hello all- I’m buttoning up the dr after a carb clean / fresh Mikuni 140 main jet etc. I’ve also replaced the perform w the raptor and capped off the vacuum fitting on the right side of the carb. I have a long hose black with red stripe that is connected to the lower right portion of the Fuel tank. I believe this is the overflow/vapor hose but I’m stumped, can’t find where the hose connects to. I think my smog canister has been removed but not exactly sure. Can this hose just dangle unconnected?
  15. ponyexpress46

    Where is the flasher relay on the dr350se?

    I think i found it...