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  1. andydrz

    post up your 07' s/sm

    Its now got an Edge rear light on, and im afraid to say will be up for sale very soon!!!!
  2. andydrz

    The end is near!!!!

    Im afraid to say im going to have to sell my 2007 DRZ SM!! Im heading out to Australia for 6 months and need the money!!! Its been a great year of fun with my new toy and as soon as im back im saving for a new one!!!! Im 100% supermoto now!!
  3. andydrz

    First Post with pics - 07drz400sm

    Them Graphics look really good!!!
  4. andydrz

    New 07 SM in Blue

    Go for it!! Be cool to see another like mine!! If you need any help with where i got my bits just PM me and i'll try. Andy
  5. andydrz

    New 07 SM in Blue

    Here is my 07 UK spec blue SM!!! Blue Rocks!!!!!
  6. andydrz

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Hi ya, The blue stripe on the rim was something that i did when i got the bike, i really like it!! I turned up an aluminium spacer and used a longer bolt for the hand guards to mount the mirror on, i tried it on the inside of the twist grip but all i could see was my jacket!!! not quite safe!!!
  7. andydrz

    Little Helper!!!!

    Its not to bad, the first part of the track is fairly smooth its when you get out in the real fast stuff that it becomes bumpy, on the CBR i was probably doing about 140 ish with the back end still moving coming out of the fastest corner. On a 125 gp i fell of at that corner doing 126.6mph (from data logger) at the apex!!!! FUN!!! My little nephew now walks about with my MX helmet and goggles on making vroom vroom noises!!! Awesome!!! Andy
  8. andydrz

    Little Helper!!!!

    Me on the CBR at Thruxton last year!
  9. andydrz

    Little Helper!!!!

    I used to yep!!! In the British 125's!! And for a few rounds in The National Superstocks! I fell of at Brands last year in QP1 and didnt get out for the rest of the weekend!!
  10. andydrz

    Little Helper!!!!

    I got my first MX bike at 2!! Dad put some stabalizers on the back for me but they were soon off!!! I was riding on my own at about 3 1/2!!! I then had a CR 125, wicked fun!! Then i started road racing on a 125gp bike and became national champion in 2003. Last year i raced a CBR1000RR in Superstocks but had to have a break this year due to ££££££ problems!! Well a lack of it!! Hence the DRZ just for a bit of fun!! Biking is in my blood, i can't remember not being able to ride!! Andy
  11. andydrz

    Little Helper!!!!

    Just thought i'd show you my little helper!! I was re jetting my bike and my little nephew wanted to help!! He is only 1!! And guess what? he loves motorbikes!!!! All he wants to do when he comes round is go straight to the garage and sit on the bike to twist the throttle!!!! Another 6 months or so and ill have him a nice 50cc auto to play with!!! Just like i had when i was 2!!!
  12. andydrz

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Just another of mine after i've done a few more bits!!
  13. andydrz

    Dynojet stage 2 question

    Thanks Eddy!!!!! I'll do it now!!!
  14. andydrz

    Dynojet stage 2 question

    Hi Ya, Ive got a full Arrow system, free flow air filter and the 3x3. I installed a Dynojet Stage 2 kit at the weekend, 155 main 2nd clip on the supplied needle and 3.5 turns on the air screw. Runs great other than at 70 mph on just over half throttle it flutters a bit, on a two strke i would of said it was to rich!!! but ive not had much experience with these!!! Any ideas? Ive just taken the air screw down to 2.5 turns so im gonna test that now!! Andy
  15. andydrz

    DRC Edge II installed in UK - Pics

    They are the stock indicators and covers that the DRZ sm comes with over here!!