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  1. Yes, sticky this! it's the most reposted repost on thumpertalk.com
  2. i don;t go to the track...dude serious what the **** is your problem? your a ****ing idiot seriously i never once got on you about anything but yet you must be going out of your way to be a jerk and a half, were off topic, so let's end this ok? Didn't know desert was spelled desert also, im unlucky to ride near a desert. Sorry guys for taking this thread way out of the WAY IT WAS SUPPOSE TO GO, BUT THIS ^^ SHOULDN'T BE DOING WHAT HE IS DOING FOR I HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING TO HIM.
  3. dude who cares, are you just going to try and start crap with someone? i don't race, I don't do desert race ( learn to spell to its not dezert) and i don't do anything but just ride it and have fun who cares? obv iously he's a ignorant peice of trash to for startin crap for nothing.
  4. Tyayo420

    is this a good trade?

    im no polaris fan, but i love quads, and when i was just lookin for another quad, i seen polaris predator's going for more then the crf's i can get a 03 stock crf on craiglist with title and clean for 2500 preds go for more. check aorund.
  5. exactly what iw as thinking on page 3....
  6. one of the most reposted, reposts.
  7. exctly, if your a penny pincher and going there with or without ppl, then dont ask them if they dont pay how simple is it?
  8. Tyayo420

    I'll be adding reputation points for help I recieved.

    haha you will get some points from me for being so cool abt them hahaha
  9. um i dont consider lites as full out sx, im talkin the big boys the 450's...
  10. i found a post a couple months ago, not sure if it was here or in the general area, but i said i read a article abt 2 smokes comin back, well i finally found it 2 months later! and all of you guys who said Honda is the first out they like 4 strokes better and they were first to pull the 2 stroke plug? well where the *uck do you get your info cuz this is honda trying to bring em back cleaner? http://www.motorcycle.com/mo/mchonda/exp2_tech.html
  11. I've ridden good bikes, Honda's, Yamaha's, and Suzuki's, no kawi's cuz i don;t like them or KTM's, KTM i would ride, but no one has them around here, i mean IMO i dont think there so great like everyone claims cuz if so, supercross would have them more through out, or i'd see them on trails, the only time i seen one riding was at a indian rezervation. Maybe there good, but if they are, they'd be everywhere like yami and Honda's imo.
  12. well maybe they would, if they were a good company i mean, i barely see a ktm, in sx or mx you don't either i think there like huskies, there a brand striving to survive in the US, and a far less good as a honda or yami.
  13. Tyayo420

    Amsoil 100:1 oil

    2 questions here, why in the hell would any of you run 100:1 or anything less then 32:1 when the manufacturers of smokers say use 32:1?? Are people penny pincher's that bad now-a-days? I would not want to rick my bike blowing up, 32:1 is safe and lubes the engine good no one i know in their right mind runs less then 32:1.
  14. all stupidity of them and what there doing aside. i think that video is kinda good, i mean seriously there ballzy as **** to ride around like that in NYC not givin a ***k stuntin. Yeah i know its stupid but in all honesty i think its a good video, who here has the ballz to do that? shit i ride thru my small city on back roads in NY thaught i was ballzy when i HAD to road ride, but damn they got me.
  15. Tyayo420

    this had to suck!

    repost but yeah had to suck