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  1. WR250James

    06 450x E start not working?

    Where is the fuse box on my 450x 06??? My dad found a wire that was pulled out and fixed it, but that still hasnt done it. What else is there?
  2. WR250James

    06 450x E start not working?

    Ya i will probabley take it in. I can kick it over easily. I think it could be the clutch engage switch. how do i check that?
  3. WR250James

    06 450x E start not working?

    I have a scotts dampiner and there is no clicking... It stopped working in the middle of a ride so I'm pretty sure the battery isn't dead
  4. WR250James

    Broken e-start is driving me crazy

    my e start on my 06450x wont work. I push the button and it does absolutly nothing. What could it be??
  5. WR250James

    06 450x E start not working?

    I was out in dove springs on a ride, and all the suddem my electric start would work. I checked the battery connections and there good. What could the problem be? Thanks
  6. WR250James

    cal city

    Cal city is much flatter and more predictable. Spangler is crappy, unpredictable, and is very crowded.
  7. WR250James

    The Califonia Dirt Nap Thread...post'm if ya got'm!

    AWESOME PICS!!! Do you guys have helmet cams or cameras in your pocket? Whenever the guys i ride with or i go down we get back up and theres not time to snap pics. Please tell me what you do!!! I really want to get some pics riding.
  8. WR250James

    Taking off my back wheel.

    alright cool yeh i have it on a stand, and no my bike didn't come with one but I'm going to order one. Do you know where i can get one?
  9. WR250James

    Taking off my back wheel.

    How do i take off my back wheel? I need to straiten out my rim
  10. WR250James

    Most scary moment

    I was riding behind my dad when we first started and he went down a 20ft cliff. Scared the hell out of me and him. We i almost fell down a mountain and i was sitting on the edge thinking about pushing my bike down or somehow getting it up. I definetally learned my lesson on both of these. Stop or slow down on the top of hills unless you know whats on the other side. Great thread, cant wait to here other peoples storys and maybe learn a thing or 2.
  11. WR250James

    Good deal???

    i would get it for 550. Pit bikes are cool and its not a knock off. let us know if u get it
  12. WR250James

    Recomend which boots I should get

    I had tech 8's and i think my new Sixsixone hurricanes offer more pretection. http://www.sixsixone.com/catalog_661Moto.aspx?id=4d0e9361-b4a0-486c-9d07-0d236951fecd&product=efd0f242-d24d-4f75-b419-df0f91cc7bb4 Hollly crap i paid 400 for mine now there 214!!! thats a deal. If anything breaks on them you can send them in at get it fixed.
  13. WR250James


    I have basic scotts, and want tinted goggles with tear offs. How do tear offs work??????
  14. WR250James

    i dont even know what to say

    HAHAHAHHAHA thats what i thought :p
  15. WR250James

    What do you think of these?

    yeh dude your bike looks sweet. I was thinking orange, black, or white. I would rule out white because of dirt though. What kind are you thinking of? Acerbis?