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  1. crf192

    ***450R question***

    that sucks i want a 2 stoke
  2. crf192

    06 crf450r woods conversion

    wow ohio doesnt have hills thats so crazy ohio has the toughest trails in the states and southern ohio is known for steep hills
  3. crf192

    ***450R question***

    how much its it to rebuild a 450r? like top end and valves... how much is it to have someone lace a wheel and is it hard to change the clutch basket?
  4. crf192

    09 KTM 150 Woods Bike???

    i just want a fun woods bike hehe whatevers cheaper
  5. crf192

    09 KTM 150 Woods Bike???

    Could you make this a good woods bike? Its cheaper than the xc's and i want a woods bike.
  6. looks like two different forks from the pics....some have silver forks and some black? maybe updated from stock to factory
  7. crf192

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    This is my old 2001 125sx that i dont have anymore But anyways I always thought these were KTM's best graphics...figured I'd enter it anywas. I LOVED THIS BIKE!
  8. crf192

    250 xcf VS. 250 xcf-w

    Well bore kit would be nice but i can barely afford a stock bike.....and its tough to decide between these two bike....its usually tight trails here but i donno if i would like the wide gearing and soft suspention...im used to mx bikes...hmm! this is hard!
  9. Out of the 250 xc's witch is better for tight tech riding of southern Ohio? im comming off a crf450r and i only wieght 165 and i wanna ride enduros and HS's maybe GNCC's what u guys think?
  10. crf192

    Post pics of your 250!

    I wanna know how to get them Red Bull KTM graphics?!?!?!?
  11. I been thinging of getting a 200xc or w to race gncc, enduro, hare scramble...ect. But how much longer till were not gonna be able to race em i dont wanna buy a bike them not be able to race it after 2 or 3 years...if anyone knows anything it would be a big help. thanks
  12. HOW MUCH BETTER IS THE NEW 4 STROKES COMPARED TO MY 2004 CRF450R? What are the differences?
  13. crf192

    '93 cr250

    My buddy just got a 93 cr250r and we mixed his 50:1 with klotz...the seller sed that what he mixed it anyways
  14. crf192

    93 cr 250 !help!

    buddy just bought a cr 250 and the clutch will not work. so as u put it in gear it goes! soon as u stop it dies....i dont really know how to ajust the cable can anybody help? Also the suspension is really stiff it almost wont move i'll try to ajust that tommorow.
  15. why dont you wait and get the 08 250xc-w? instead of comparing it to a 07