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  1. I just bought the radiator guards by Mohard, and am very pleased with them. By far the highest quality I have encountered yet.
  2. BMerrick

    Unabiker guards

    The top pipe / brace that reaches across the rear of the radiator is not compatible with the fan on the 2012's. I ordered a set of Unabikers for my 500 xc-w after previous success, but the fit and finish was not quite what I expected. I went with a set of mohard racing guards instead and love them.
  3. BMerrick

    CRF450X/Wiseco 13.5:1/Hotcams Stage 1

    I currently run a JE 13.5/1 piston, ported head, RHC valves and 187 cam. One friend calls it the tractor. The other calls it a ditch witch. You will love it. Stay on top of your battery though, that is a bit more compression for your starter to turn. Stiffens up the kick start a bit, but it is worth it. I went to a 120 rear tire (maxxis) to help control the wheel spin. Had to do something to control all that power. Currently running Sonoco 110 leaded mixed w/ premium pump and have had nothing negative to say about the performance of anything.
  4. BMerrick


    Where can I find these "Simple Graphics"? They are the best white crf graphics i have seen to date.
  5. BMerrick

    Pros And Cons, 19-18" Wheel

    I am currently running a maxxis 120/90/19 with x ring chain - no rub or problems of any kind. All I ride is desert ......... I love this tire so far my new tire is only 1/2" taller than the 110/100/18 that my brother runs on his x - both tires were installed within a week of each other, both are new
  6. BMerrick


    It can work Either way folks.....insured mine a month ago.......I had a choice between hard $$$ figure or market value. market value is definitly cheaper, but if replacement cost is an issue, go with a hard $$$ value.
  7. BMerrick

    whats the first thing you notice on a bike

    I look for signs that the rider/owner maintains his equipment AND rides the crap out of his investment. Signs of a regularly maintained bike are not limited to cleaning. The best riders I know can get a bike so dirty that you can't hardly tell what it model/year it is....but if they have been well maintained it is quite obvious at the same time. don't know about you - I bought mine to ride and enjoy......making it pretty is what happens between rides.
  8. BMerrick

    rpm check/tacko

    Trailtech Vapor - everything you need, or want for that matter
  9. BMerrick

    Valve check after new top end???

    RHC, sent you a pm outling my latest findings Bryce
  10. BMerrick

    Valve check after new top end???

    I would check after an hour of run time, not three. I just installed (last week) a JE 13.5/1, RHC valves, ferrea springs, RHC cam, and ported/polished head. It ran/started/idled awesome for for approx 2.5 hours before all of the sudden it acted doggy and minutes later refused to start. Upon disassembly, jetting was perfect and the carb was clean..........both intakes had closed up (previously set per spec, I am very familiar with this process). I was running a 185 shims on the intakes with the new motor, but for curiosity sake I removed both shims and bolted the cam carriage back down (lightly snugged) and tried to take my tolerances again........right valve was sitting at .002, left was still being held open by the cam (at TDC). The head looks great after disassembly, appears to be nothing wrong with the valves, seats, piston, or cam. After visiting with a machinist, we ordered a different set of keepers and spring caps. This could be interesting to see what kind of custom creation we end up with to make this work. Moral of the story......If I were to do it again, I would baby-sit those tolerances until you know they are not moving. I got lucky this time.......next time? :thumbsup:
  11. BMerrick

    Get a new bike or fix up the old?

    KEEP IT! - You will never sell a bike for what you have into it. Unless you have an unlimited cash flow, save that money you would spend on a new machine and take your old one on some road trips and see some country you don't normally ride. take care of these things, they will treat you right. Maintenance beats payments.
  12. Northwest Motor Machine, in Nampa/Caldwell Idaho. Ron has built race engines from the ground up for years. He is not as specialized/dedicated to motorcycles as RHC, but has done an excellent job on the motorcycle heads he has done in the past. Turns out there was a little more history to the engine in my '06 than was disclosed at the time of purchase. I have been slammed at work, so I just pulled the head and cylinder for Ron at NMM to check out and mill decks if necessary. You could say the job evolved a little, but I should have a good runner now.
  13. Any idea what that bike is putting out in terms of horsepower and torque? Just trying to put cost vs. gain......... I have a feeling that this new motor will pull quite a bit harder...monday will tell Bryce
  14. Thank you Burned! I plan on riding this setup for a while, what do you know about boring the carb? (not that i need more power, it is kind of fun to prove I can pull more). The bike is set up for running the open desert and dune riding.
  15. 06 CRF 450 R - 550-2500 ft elevation - Temperatures of 80-100F - 93 octane pump fuel + lead additive. Before: factory engine, factory pipe, A/P mod, backfire screen removed, backfire resistant twinair filter. Stock needle position, 45 slow jet, 172 main fuel screw @1.5 turns at 550ft elevation, 0.5 turns @ 2000 ft elevation. Ran excellent....(a little rich @2500ft.) After - 13.5/1 JE piston, RHC coated Ferrea valves/springs, RHC 187 cam, moderate Port/Polish, Jardine RT-4 system, A/P mod, backfire screen removed, backfire resistant twinair filter. Two questions: Am I the proud owner of a engine that REQUIRES race fuel? Should I break in this new motor with my existing jetting?