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  1. Thumper38

    Which leg to to remove more oil from?

    So everyone is taking oil out of the spring side fork? I was told by my suspension tuner to take it out of the left fork (valving fork) that there is not that much oil in there to begin with. Now im getting confused. I went a 1.05 spring and I weigh 230 no gear (Vet-. I am going to try a softer spring next. I already got the front and rear revalved. Its great on the big stuff but suffering on the little stuff???????
  2. Thumper38

    2013 RMZ SFF Forks

    I totally agree, I had my forks re-valved twice and im getting very close. I just never heard of anyone taking oil out of the right leg. I was under the impression that there was no valving in the right leg just oil and a spring???
  3. Thumper38

    2013 RMZ SFF Forks

    So everyone is taking oil out of the spring side fork??? I keep hearing right fork leg?????
  4. Thumper38

    2010 450 Front Brake Spongy

    Get a Honda master cylinder and you will be cured!
  5. Thumper38

    11 yzf450 gearing

    Go up at least one tooth in the rear, I am trying two teeth up now. I want to use third more and have a very crisp second
  6. Thumper38

    2012 YZ450 front caliper

    I found a 2012 Honda CRF front caliper. Does anyone know if this will fit a 2012 YZ450?
  7. Thumper38

    2012 YZ450 front caliper

    So an 07 Crf caliper will fit a 12 YZ? I am ready to purchase one.
  8. I am looking for the most aggressive front brake pads also. I want a powerful front brake!!!!
  9. So I got to ride my new 450 this past weekend and I love it in every way except the front brakes. I put a EBC 280mm rotor on it and there strong but not nearly as strong as my KX450. I have a Honda master cylinder and a SS line going on next. So is there another caliper that is stronger than what I have now? (Honda, Brembo). I really want the strongest brakes I can get, Im 230#'s 6'3" so I need the stopping power. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Thumper38

    2010-12 engine reposition

    I really want to hear the results!
  11. Thumper38

    2010-12 engine reposition

    How much modification is involved? Does everything still fit up ok?
  12. Thumper38

    Who has 2012's out there, how much and where

    Yes he is correct on the 7199.00 OTD
  13. Thumper38

    12 450f release date?

    Mid September!