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  1. Update on the ride, it was absolute hell, lol. 13/51 gearing was no where near tight enough and between constantly riding the clutch, picking the bike up 10+ times part way up rutted out super steep single track hills, and having the suspension beat the snot out of me, I was overcome with joy when I finally crossed that finish line. That said, I have ordered a kdx250 transmission, and will be ordering up springs/gold valves within the hour. Even though I did terrible (but finished), got covered in poison ivy, and was sore for 3 days after, I still had a blast and cant wait until I get this bike together and have another chance to race it!!
  2. It really is crazy just how much better the CRC with chlorine stuff is vs anything else available. Its worth the extra buck or two since it actually works.
  3. Sounds good, thanks kdx! The intake was cracking so I ordered a boyesen rad valve, along with a chain, 13t/50t sprockets, a 13oz flywheel weight, skid plate, hand guards, spark arrestor, a pipe guard, and a kidney belt, lol. I have adjusted the forks to 16 comp, 11 rebound, and shock to full soft comp, 11 rebound. I'm hoping to get some time on the bike this weekend to tune/adjust, then the race is the following weekend. Engine is at 185lbs+ compression so I am just going to run it and hope for the best. If she pops, Eric Gorr will get a chance to do a little magic.
  4. Thank you Dan, you have been very helpful!
  5. Thank you! I know it's not going to be ideal. I wish I heard about the event a week earlier than I did so I had time to order parts and revalve. Ultimately planning racetech gold valves/springs unless you all suggest something else? I hear good things about RG3 too, just planned on doing the labor myself, but if it's worth it...
  6. I used to come on this site all the time when I was a kid. I had a 2000 kx250 back then. I never got out of the sport, but I ended up working more and more while riding less and less... I just picked up a 1999 kx250 though and need to get it as ready as possible for my first harescramble race (ever...my username makes no sense...lol). I am not planning on actually being competitive, but I also am trying to limit my handicap against a field of orange. I will get the suspension revalved/sprung next month, I just do not have time between now and the race to do it. Suspension adjusting is something I am pretty new to so if someone could help me out I would really appreciate it. Does anybody have a good clicker/sag starting point for the woods? I weigh 180lbs w/o gear. Here's a pic of my new toy, so excited to finally try racing! Ignore the mess, I am always working on motors. Thank you all for any help!
  7. kxracer987

    Honda FL350R Odyssey 1985

    I'm sure the rating will go up. I bought this "rebuilt" but have had all sorts of problems with it. I plan on rebuilding it myself this winter. When it runs, it is an absolute blast, but that is a rare occurrence....
  8. kxracer987

    Suzuki LT230S QuadSport 1986

    Quad I built for the girlfriend. Needs new plastic, will add more pics later. Not enough power to scare her, and great for learning how to clutch/shift a manual transmission, plus it has reverse.
  9. kxracer987

    Suzuki LT250R QuadRacer 1986

    Just a fun quad. I replaced all the bushings/bearings, rebuilt the top and bottom of its engine, rebuilt its rear shock, but now it runs and rides like new. 2-strokes for life!
  10. kxracer987

    Suzuki GSX-R600 2005

    No other sportbike sounds like a gsxr. It has street/stunt gears making it very quick, combined with the light weight makes for an absolute blast.
  11. kxracer987

    Kawasaki KLX110 2006

    Just a fun pitbike/project. Lots of mods including custom frame modifications.
  12. kxracer987

    KTM 250 EXC 1999

    New to me, future review to come.
  13. kxracer987

    Yamaha WR450F 2003

    I have always been a 2-stroke fan, but this is my dual-sport ride. It has been a great bike other than minor electrical gremlins mostly involving bad ground connections. All the electric start nonsense has been removed including all the starter gears behind the flywheel to shave some serious weight. Overall though, it has been a blast on and off-road.
  14. kxracer987

    2003 WR450f electrical issue, stator?

    okay, well ig i will partially answer my own question and ask one more. I think something isn't grounding out, and as the bad ground heats up, resistance builds and causes the voltage to drop. Now my question for you all, does anyone know if the r/r is grounded through its mounting bolts? Trail Tech sent me the wrong r/r, so i cranked it down using modified washers. I get a couple volts when I test between one of those mounting bolts and the negative post on the battery, so I think I found my problem....
  15. kxracer987

    2003 WR450f electrical issue, stator?

    Alright, just checked voltage. Engine off, battery was just a smidge over 11 volts. Started her up and checked and came to 13.3v, drove around the block (still cudn't hit high rpm) and checked again, 13.25ish volts, let it sit idling for about a minute checking every so often and it slowly dropped. I shut it down at 12.9v.....Any ideas? Maybe something getting hot? Also, seems like 13.3v is a little low for a brand new stator, shouldn't I be in the 14ish volt range?