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  1. I agree love mine, its a 2008 and is fuel injected with 6 speeds. Moved to it after owning a DRZ for 4 years and 6500 miles. Liked the DRZ but the Husky has: -More power -6 speed wide ratio gearing -fuel injection -better suspension -decent maintenance intervals -proven reliable motor I will say the Yamaha WR250R would be a top contender as well. 3 of my buddies own them and they are really a great do it all machine with all the attributes of the Husky with better dealer support and a bit less power. Look up Big Dog Adventures, he has owned them all and toured extensively with a DRZ,XRR,TE610 and now a WR250R. After the Husky I will have a WR250R.
  2. begeberg

    starving for fuel?

    That sounds like mine did when I didn't reconnect the vaccum line after installing the Clarke tank.
  3. begeberg

    Touring capable?

    The original starter of this thread asked if a DRZ was good for 500 mile days with a 200 pound rider and camping gear. He pretty much described me and my DRZ there. Okay, so I have to lose another 15 pounds..... I believe I read this pretty clearly and understand your explanation Doc. I think the math is where we agree to disagree however. If the poster buys a good used DRZ400S and mods it to your level he would easily have more than what it takes to buy a good used 2008 TE610. The 6th gear and fuel injection IMO would be a must have as the poster is talking about crossing several mountain ranges here and pretty rough terrain of the Western TAT. Enuf said. Lastly, it is NOT a 500 mile a day touring bike. Not even close for the average rider. The 650 class bikes including the Dr650 the thread starter mentioned would all be better 500 mile per day touring bikes. Even then I cringe about that! Farkles are an individual thing that gives folks satifaction and additional grin factor. I have farkled mine up as well when I had no desire to move on to another bike. My DRZ is a great 200 mile a day bike for like the Eastern TAT and I have done several 200 mile days on it. I would hate for the original poster to think it's a 500 mile a day touring machine or think it's a great bike on technical trails at its weight and too tall of stock first gear. While the DRZ is a great bike, my 5000 miles on it tell me it has limitations and the original poster was putting forth some pretty tall orders for any dual sport bike. I would encourage the poster to go to bigdogadventures.com website as he has done extensive trips on the DRZ, the TE, and now the WRR with excellent write ups of the set ups and experience. Merry Xmas all!
  4. begeberg

    Touring capable?

    I thought the guy was looking at buying one for possible touring. If you have one already you may want to argue the "470" point from an economic standpoint but I still believe it doesn't hold water. While I love my Dizzer, it is just that a great do it all bike on the lower end of the cost and quality scale. I have buddies that have both the TE610 and a KTM 690. these bikes cost much more than a stock DRZ but you get more also. I do like the reliability of the DRZ but I believe the Husky TE610 is just as reliable. BigdogAdventures, Mark had one and it had over 26,000 miles on it last I know. But, hey, to each there own..... it's your money and fun so that's all that matters.
  5. begeberg

    Touring capable?

    but by the time you get it to a 470 you could of had a TE610 or possibly a KTM690. That was my point.
  6. begeberg

    Just Wonderin'...

    I have a 2007 DRZ400S and have 5000 miles on it, all stock engine. Have never done anything to it internally like tighten bolts etc. How many of you have had issues with bolts on the clutch/stator backing out or other bolts coming loose on a 2007 or newer model. Is it possible that the later models had these issues corrected?
  7. begeberg

    Touring capable?

    My 2007 has 5000 trouble free miles on it now with about a 50/50 mix of gravel/dirt roads and pavement. Did the rack and panniers thing and all the skidplate stuff and a custom Corbin and Clark tank. I'm about 230 with gear on and carry another 25 pounds of stuff in the panniers all the time. The engine is bone stock period. except for oil changes and a spark plug I have never touched it at all. I typically get right at 50 mpg no matter how I ride it. Mine is the S model and 200 mile days are pretty easy to do and I will be spending a week on the TAT in 2010 sometime with it. Here's where I differ with a lot of folks here. Many have built awesome bikes and that is their choice but if you are really looking at the DRZ with the intention of an FCR, pipe, suspension and all the other mods folks have mentioned you may want to look into buying a 2008 Husky TE610. This bike is on my wish list! Other than a seat and a larger tank you are set with it. The 6 speeds, more power, suspension, fuel injection all make for easier touring, especially at higher speeds. they weigh about the same as well and these motors are pretty reliable like the DRZ. In the end the cost won't be that much different either....
  8. Appreciate your input here, gonna tackle it today....
  9. begeberg

    Must-Do Fixes List...Did I Miss Any?

    and have not done any of these. Now have 4600 miles on it with no problems. How many of these newer bikes have really had these problems? I'm sure it doesn't hurt to do these but is it really necessary? Sorry for the hijack, ignore me.....
  10. begeberg

    DRZ Seat is killing me

    Then take to custom upholsterer and have them add 3/4 inch to it. OMG does it make a difference! Can ride 250 mile days no problem now.
  11. All stock. Dynojet says the 130 jet is good for 0-3000 feet. What would you recommend for 600-800 feet?
  12. Bought the 3109 kit for the stock machine. No problems there. The thing that has me cornfused is that I am in Illinois at about 700-800 feet. It says to use the 130 jet for stockers but says nothing about altitudes. Since it supplies main jets from 128 thru 136 for it what would be the best main jet to use when keeping everything stock at my altitude? I looked here and there and everywhere for a recommended main jet size for altitude and got nothing.
  13. begeberg

    317lb Curb weight in 09' vs 291lb in 07' ???

    French fries! This pig needs a diet!
  14. begeberg

    is this DRZ a fair price?

    with 2200 miles I will sell for $3800. I will be selling my farkled 2007 also as my goal is to get a 2008 FI TE 610.
  15. begeberg

    2010 dr-z450s...

    DRZ FI 450 that weighs 30 pounds less than current. I be droolin'!!