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  1. just put a new one on. So, I guess we shall see
  2. Dude, How come your video is not jumpylike mine are. I have mine mounter on my helmet and it jumps everywhere
  3. Wind noise is an easy fix. I used some white medical tape. Cleared it right up and still gets very good sound. Only problen I seem to be having is mounting options. On my helmet the video is quite bouncey. Most of the stuff we ride is rocky so I get it. But, seems to be to much. I added foam to my helmet for a better fit. but, that did not do jack
  4. I have been having alot of shakey videos as of late. I have my Contour hd mounted on the side of my helmet. We have been hitting alot of rocky traild. but this seems a bit much. could it be my helmet bouncing around that much on my head. It does not feew like it is
  5. I have the Contour. I dont feel a thing. I was haveing wind mic issues. But, nothing a little surgical tape could not fix
  6. Does not take much to get back in the swing of things
  7. Thats sweet Bro. I really an having quite an issue with the story teller app. I can not figure out how to edit my videos ar all. Only get it to go in Slow motion. Here is a hill climb I did on Saturday followed by my buddy getting his head on by another rider. Thankfully he is on the mend with some stiches and staples. How I was there to capture the crash was beyond me as we were riding two different sections on the pits.
  8. My buddy got hit head on by someone while we were dirt bike riding on his XR 250. Thankfully he is recovering with only stitches and staples in his leg. I am shocked I even got it on video as we were riding different sides of the mt.
  9. Here is a quick edit job that I did in HD. This is the first time my buddy is on a 2 stroke. he did great.
  10. My videos seem to be jumpy as is an editing them. like the video is doing micro pauses. any thoughts
  11. You are the bast Brother. I had to go in and change my setting to windows movie maker all wrong. I am working on my first one now. I will post it here when i get er done. Thank you !
  12. I have Vista. I will check to see if I need an update thank you
  13. Hey bro. I have a PC. sorry I did not state that before
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