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  1. I just picked up a 17 FE 501: I installed the Sicass racing under fender and their flush mount signals, quick and easy install. Next up was the Zeta hand guards with the LED signals in the guards and the Powermadd mirrors. After reading about Kreft and speaking with Dan my suspension is in the custom box and off to them for their re-valve mod and spring for my weight. Rekluse installed. I popped the little screen out of the muffler cap and plan to start on improving the performance next. Thanks Wadzy for the set up tips!
  2. Vibeguy

    Importing vintage bikes into Canada

    Contact John Caldwell at Canadian Maico, he imports vintage Maico's into Canada all the time and can give you the lowdown.
  3. Vibeguy

    Maico 400 possibly for sale.

    The 1980 "Banana" frame Maico's were an acquired taste, you either loved them or hated them. I've got a couple friends who have the 1980 440's and they go around a corner better than anything I've ever ridden, including my 74.5 and 81 490 Maico's. The thing I don't like about them is you feel like your sitting in a hole, moving back and forth on the seat is difficult. They do lift the front end very easily when exiting a corner. When I put an aluminum arm on my 81 I sold my stock swing arm to one of my friends with the 80. The 81 arm is a couple inches longer and makes all the difference in the 80's handling, now the bike drives out of the corners instead of lofting the front wheel. Power on both the 400 and 440 was smooth and tourqey, very easy powerband to go decievingly fast on. Prices??? Unfortunately the 80 models don't bring the big bucks that the 81's garner. With blown out cases you're probably looking at $500 to $800. The problem with parting it out is that the front forks won't really fit any other years due to the longer sliders that were designed to work with the 80 frame. The 81 to 84 forks were all the same save for different damper rod ports. Ebay id full of used wheel sets and nobody wants the swingarm due to it's length. If I were your friend I'd keep an eye on ebay for a used set of 78 to 81 "magnum" series cases and a used 400, 440 or 490 crank and rebuild it. Shopping around for parts you could probably get it done for ~$900.
  4. Vibeguy

    HI Point Boots

    You might try Metro Racing or AMS Racing, I think they are selling reproductions of the High point boot.
  5. Vibeguy

    Rim choice for drum hub

    Check out Sun or Excel rims at Buchanon Spoke and wheel:thumbsup:
  6. Vibeguy

    FOX Goggle question

    I called and emailed Fox, big surprise nobody can tell me how their laminated tear off system and this "mystery part" affixes to the goggle frame. I can assure you this though, this shall be my first and last pair of Fox goggles.
  7. Vibeguy

    FOX Goggle question

    The lense already has 2 posts for the tear-offs, this is to anchor the tear-offs that are folded over but I don't have a clue how it fits on the goggles. I know what you're thinking but I'be been a professional mechanic for 32 years and this has me baffled. I've tried to get a contact number for FOX and give them a call but nobody wants people calling them anymore. I'm about ready to chuck the FOX goggles and go back to my 10 year old Scotts.
  8. Vibeguy

    FOX Goggle question

    It's not like a Scott goggle where the strap runs through it, this piece is much smaller and looks like it fits int othe frame somewhere. It's the little black piece in the picture at the link below. http://s7d2.scene7.com/is/image/Motosport/FX7G-TOL-14PK_is?$product_large_1000$
  9. I recently purchased a pair of Fox Main goggles and a pack of laminated tear offs. In the tear off kit was a little black plastic piece with a post on it that obviously is to pin the tear offs to. Question is how and where does this little piece fit into the goggle frame? Nothing in the tear off instructions about how to install it. Thanks for the help and a picture would be great!
  10. Vibeguy

    Insane vintage 2 strokes?

    1973/4 Yamaha SC 500
  11. Vibeguy

    Spoiler seely

    Honda better make sure TLD fires Seeley? *** is that all about? 5 bucks says Honda will try to hire Seeley next year. Didn't Seeley win more finals than Tomac this year? THATS WHY ITS CALLED RACING "just let the 2 contenders battle it out? *** is that all about? Like only let the top 2 points holders race the last race? Or let them leave the starting gate 5 seconds ahead of everyone else? THATS WHY ITS CALLED RACING. All 4 of the top riders rode as hard and as fast as they could, none of them used dirty or team tactics and the best man that night won. It's a race, somebody's gonna win and a bunch more are going to loose. THATS WHY ITS CALLED A RACE. This was a great year for SX fans
  12. Vibeguy

    Reed Wins!!.....the Brett Michael's RockHard award...

    Like the Rider Down Fund!
  13. Vibeguy

    Reed Wins!!.....the Brett Michael's RockHard award...

    For a millionaire making a decision to race or not? Let me see, I'm going to be a primadonna cry baby and make the fans beg me to race again...or not and take my $$$ and go back to OZ. Rock hard-Ride hard....Hardly, bad choice Brett! Did he see the x-rays of Villipoto's leg last year? To come back from adversity like that and win a SX championship a year later is pure pain and dedication.
  14. Vibeguy

    Spoiler seely

    It would be a totally different story if Cole Seeley was being lapped but he wasn't. Cole Seeley was riding near or at the front of every moto he was in last night. It's a race, not a prom queen popularity contest. Would I have rather seen someone other than a PC rider win a lites championship? Yes. Tomac and Seeley are just a few of the great young riders and the future of the sport. Based on Cole and Eli's ability and work ethic both will win plenty of races and championships over the length of their careers. .....and Hannah is still upset over the "let Brock By" debacle 30 years later...and Keith McCarty could have used spell check back then
  15. Vibeguy

    Which race fuel?

    My local fuel and lube distributer has Sunoco 110 in bulk and I've used it in all 3 of my vintage Maico's for 5 years now and been real happy with it....and it's alot cheaper than VP's fuels