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  1. yamaha-rider78901

    front tire

    when i walk my bike the front tire isnt moving well so its hard to move around should i loosin it up:crazy:
  2. yamaha-rider78901


    what would be the best clutch kit for an 85
  3. yamaha-rider78901

    Used Bike recommendations for desert HS/MX

    trail bikes arent ment for off road the supension will bend with all the woops and stuff get a two stroke or a rough four stroke
  4. yamaha-rider78901

    who goes to the...

    desert thats the best plac for offroad but i was wondering how deffrent it is to ride snow,dry river,lakes,and stuff
  5. yamaha-rider78901

    arm pump!

    it maybe flexing the clutch building your mucles
  6. o my friend has one of those ktm 450 the only thing you sould worry about is throwing the wait around
  7. yamaha-rider78901

    shoes or boot

    it hard for me to ride with boot but it is really easy for the shifting when i wear shoes but if i crash or fall i need the protection for my foot need help:excuseme:
  8. yamaha-rider78901

    Odd feeling in the front end, help

    is your supension broke
  9. yamaha-rider78901

    holding on!

    keep it loose just dont throw your bike
  10. yamaha-rider78901

    Lake Riding is Fun in Maine

    thats sick but i ride in dirts and deserts
  11. yamaha-rider78901

    new to this site

    need some help with it i ride a yz 85 ill show a pic later[once i figure it out:confused: ]
  12. yamaha-rider78901

    my garage!

    nice you been doing some oil changes?
  13. yamaha-rider78901

    my wife trying to make a crf230 fly !

    &%$#@! call 911
  14. yamaha-rider78901

    The wife catching some air!

    damn she's good what kind of bike is that?
  15. yamaha-rider78901

    New factory Kawasaki Off-Road look

    that's sick dude i am new to this site:smashpc: