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  1. Hope you got a good job to pay for gas
  2. Hondapwns

    Post Your Rides

    My Chevy
  3. I agree with you. The chassis can only take so much weight, so why bother with a 6.2 V8? Keep that engine for the 3/4 tons, not 1/2 ton grocery getters.
  4. I've been doing reasarch, and I know what muffler I want to buy. The only thing I don't know is what diameter to get. (2.25 or 2.50) Im looking to go single inlet dual outlet. Hopefully someone with more experince than myself will chime in P.S. The truck in question is a 98 Chevy 1500 350.
  5. Hondapwns

    Engine upgrade for 2001 2500HD?

    Id give this website a look, alot of guys are into this type of thing www.fullsizechevy.com/forums
  6. Hondapwns

    subaru sti

    A high performance car+17 years old=Very high insurance
  7. 90% of Fords are still on the road The other 10% made it home:smirk:
  8. Hondapwns

    cash for clunkers

    I wish they didn't destroy the cars, some people could use them for parts. Im curious how this will effect the used car market
  9. Hondapwns

    Truck Exhaust-Where to start?

    I think theres a flowmaster shop near me, Ill go talk with them. Id give you good gas, but overfilling a gas tank ain't good:smirk:
  10. Hondapwns

    Truck Exhaust-Where to start?

    I guess Im looking for a catback system, with 3" diamater. I want the truck to have a good strong sound, thats not obnoxiously loud. Companies to look at/stay away from?
  11. Im looking around for exhaust kits for my truck(1998 Chevy 1500 5.7) and Im kinda lost. I see so many terms like catback and glasspack and all kinds of diamaters, Im not sure where to begin. Some help for an exhaust noob would be awesome.
  12. Hondapwns

    250 2 stroke vs 450

    Any years to stay away from?
  13. I recently sold my 125, because I was getting bored with it, and I was getting a little big for it (171 pounds). I want a 4 stroke, but Ive heard so much about engine troubles, Im a little nervous. If I bought a 250, Id want a Yamaha, and Im undecided about what brand of 4 stroke. Looking for some opinions Thanks
  14. Hondapwns

    Trashed motor thread

    Same thing happened to me! I bought the bike, owner said it was a "new" top end, and the damn thing blew up 2 days later:banghead:
  15. I'm considering 2 trucks: both 1998 Chevy 1500's, similar mileage, same color(black). Heres the two adds; http://nh.craigslist.org/ctd/1269929263.html http://www.danielwebsterauto.com/1998-chevrolet-ck-1500-series-z71-c-1803.htm I guess what Im trying to ask is if the second add is asking too much, and what would be a price(ballpark estamite) to negotiate with the second truck. Thanks