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  1. So I searched the threads but here goes thanks for reading.... I got a small hole that appears to be a drain hole for the exhaust it goes ppffftt at certian speeds. I assume this is supposed to be there, or has anyone else noticed this its goofy I know but hey I notice strange things.
  2. Actually Evil Kenival did pretty damn good on the unmodern 70's medicine. Can't say the same for Elvis.
  3. here they would think you were gonna smack em with the helmet and youd get tazered and beaten...
  4. Dude sucks! Good job being cool. My advice is always use an attorney for any ticket! Keep em off your record, better to pay counsel than the insurance company or lose your license. My record is clean and I am polite too and find that attorneys can get you out of it if you do happen to get a ticket, of course I am only talking speeding and not DUI, I get drunk only at home. Wheelie on!!!!! :lol: :lol:
  5. CMG- The only stoopid question is the unasked one. I have been on motorcycles for 30 years. I stopped riding dirt about 20 years ago. Boy has ALOT changed, not only in the machines but the attitudes of the riders... How everything has become so politicized and everyone is so at odds is really beyond me. Riding was never this square back in the day....and it is not now for me..Anyway have fun beacause thats what matters! My favorite question which we used to rope people in on was is that one up or is it one down and how do you remember this when you ride?
  6. I had the suspension on my R1 set to near race sag settings and oh boy did it wheelie better!! My 07 s is bone stock and it wheelies with a slight tug up on bars and throttle in second, but I prefer the first gear up and then the shift to second. I am a big guy and it works great!! love this bike, and I think that a stiffer rear susp. would make it wheelie better. The soft ride is really comfortable though!
  7. Do you mean blow coolant into the overflow tank? I have a 07 s and I get some coolant into this tank and then it almost all goes back into system I thought this was normal, fan has never come on that I know of is this right? Thanks
  8. Follow up.... Ships use fog horns sooooo is low freq sound really non-directional?
  9. I am the guy he ignored, it was over a loud pipe question which then caused me to be attacked by DRZ400 for having loud HD pipes. Then one insult after another from a "bass player who is a sound expert" give me a f:censored: break, Sir Issac Newton.I was simply trying to get a reading on the various noise levels of different pipes, the noise isue off road in general, and why everyone changes them. The old hd way was to change them to be heard by cars, so say the old hd guys etc...Whatever, the fact of the matter was DRZ took me as biker trash, even though I am sure he would be very surprised. I think that the guy is a smart mouthed reactionary punk, but whatever. He's a dude who loves DRZ's so much he posts 3 times a day everyday.And for that I give him good will, even if his desire to dictate laws on how my vehicles sound and my helmet choice, is sad and disappointing. And then he's real internet tough guy eh? Whatever. Joey. :lol: :lol:
  10. Better than thanks I explained how I do not care who is running against him I wrote and let Kline know his opponent will recieve a BIG check from us, even though we are not in his district. That e-mail was freaking UNBELIEVABLE, he has alot of balls to say how I can spend my time, what an arrogant fool. Thanks Dirt Cheap John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. All any dealer of anything has to do is tell the truth, including yeah I screwed up. For some reason this is a miracle.. Up here in Washington Aurora Suzuki in Seattle has treated me very very well for Japanese bikes. Aurora Suzuki has not even screwed up once and Randy the owner is a nice guy who has been riding since he was a kid. great people. The other dealers i have nothing good to say about except that they are there. BTW if you think some bike dealers are harsh try the some of the big boat dealers...way harsh.
  12. Thanks for a thoughtful answer, I hate religion as much as I hate being told how to run my bikes, so i am out of this thread haha sorry I asked really....And I have'nt even started about the blown big block chev haha!!!
  13. Thanks for your input, I never said I was rude with my pipes in fact the easiest way to tell a newbie HD rider is his use of the pipes all the fing time. Trust me I am the most politest person around until you try to run me over and kill me, then my obnoxious pipes are only a precursor. And they do startle some jac in his volvo who needs to be scared, beacause he is anyway, thats why he digs a volvo. I have woken up many a cell phone talking makeup applying stoned driver with a quick rap of open v-twin pipes. So what ever I have saved my arse with them but this PC crap in the MC world is really funny. I understand being polite to others in the woods, and I am glad so many of you do as well. It was just a little confusing as to why some are for loud and some are not. And how nmuch HD bashing that I have seen on the forums in Dirtbike land I guess to some the hp gains make up for pissing off others? And being talked down to by you "science" dudes is funny...Remember when the Baja 1000 was not started in single file but a big line? Low frequency noise is non-directional!!!! It makes people look to see where its comin from, ever see a boomin system in a car it makes people look around, to see where it is coming from, thanks for proving my point. Anyway my drz will stay quiet to preserve the offroad peace just was wondering.
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