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  1. davidfsquires

    FINALLY got to ride my new DRZ

    Congrats The DRZ is a great bike open the air box and get a new pipe and you will love it even more..
  2. davidfsquires

    kx60 crank seals

    guys help me out. kaw kx60 pulling oil into combustion chamber. does the spring side of the seals go in facing the conn rod -- or -- spring side away from rod? thanks david
  3. davidfsquires

    125 Jug?

    The cylinders are not interchangable. Resleeving does not last as long as replating ( Done that both ways ) Check out max power replating services. prices are good and finished product is perfect. Good luck david
  4. davidfsquires

    97 rm250

    1997 rm250 all new top end -- But bike is hard to kick start. kicks fine with plug out. plug in feels like to much compression. all stock parts installed. does this bike have a compression release? or do I have the exhaust valve adjusted wrong -- set it up per factory manual. Any sugestions. thanks david