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  1. Jeekinz

    Throttle control

    If it's the "hit" you can smooth it out by running taller gearing, reed spacer, exhaust restrictor and retard the timing.
  2. Jeekinz

    Can’t read my vin

    Time to repaint that frame anyway so just hit it with some paint stripper to reveal the VIN.
  3. Jeekinz

    KX125 seat interchangeable with kxf250

    No, they are not. You can buy seat bumps seperate and install yourself.
  4. Jeekinz

    1994 KX250 Restoration

    Dam, nice find! Id stash the original plastics, I paid $100 just for the front numberplate. Im riding mine too. lol
  5. Jeekinz

    Kawasaki G4TR identification problem

    You need to compare parts with photos from the diagrams and see what year they are from. You still cant rule out a restamped 75 frame. Oil tanks look different too, and there should be date codes on the rims. Join a Facebook group.
  6. Jeekinz

    F7 emulsion tube

    +1 BTW, straight PineSol works great as a carb cleaner.
  7. Jeekinz

    1994 KX250SM Build

    Another update... The silencer was a no-go, went back to stock for now. Fitted a 03+ Fastway kickstand and will weld on a new foot after I lower the suspension. I have a set of WC frame guards but the left side is going to need some fitting with the stand. KDX trans is a must. Also found an offset sprocket for a 450 on Ebay for a little more wiggle room.
  8. Jeekinz

    Kawasaki G4TR identification problem

    Ask here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/131652840952/?hc_ref=ARQXgCLz6I45HX-qH-ftzBI8W_pRyUlH5Em2pBtc8YJk7uXRoBR6B7kHY9PY5vivw6Q
  9. Jeekinz

    Kawasaki G4TR identification problem

    Does the hook on the frame for the rear tank strap look like fsctory welds?
  10. Jeekinz

    Kawasaki G4TR identification problem

    71 chassis with 75 tank. If you look at tge Partzilla diagrams Kaw used the tank pucks and strap 71 and 75. They bunch the models together so it may be a 75 drawing. Also, the parts diagrams are far from perfect and I know for a fact you cannot remove the frame label without damaging it. I make repros for the 70s big bikes.
  11. Jeekinz

    New PWK 38mm carb with no power jet or TPS???

    And the fact that the gasket is not listed on the fische. JetsRUs has them, just bought one.
  12. Jeekinz

    New PWK 38mm carb with no power jet or TPS???

    If your carb was fine you could have just bought a used carb or carb body off Ebay and a new jet block gasket and swapped them over. The gasket is like $5 and you just remove the 2 security torx screws to remove the jet block. For $330 and not have ANY difference I would have put that towards a Lectron if I HAD to swap carbs. Not sure about 96, but 97 carbs are air striker with no electronics, 98 have powerjet solenoid only and 99+ have powerjet and tps.
  13. Jeekinz

    1994 KX250SM Build

    Thanks! Got the exhaust note somewhat tamed by wrapping the pipe and installed an old Answer Sneaker can. It's the wrong year silencer but I can make it work with a BFH and my welder. And yes, the KDX WR trans is going to be a must have. I took it down the road up to about 40mph, 1st gear is nice then you just click through all the f-ing gears and you're done. lmao Also swapped out the headlight bulb for a LED which is real nice for the money. Waiting on my horn and Trail Tech speedo.
  14. Jeekinz

    Fork Subtank wear issue

    Check for a bent fork tube. Also, I hope you're not pushing in the fork leg towards the hub when you install the front wheel.