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  1. ickfinger

    91 ktm 250 clutch case cover

    Bring the old one to a place that does 3D printing
  2. ickfinger

    '79 YZ80 low compression help

    The shop says everything looks good… Did they actually measure anything
  3. ickfinger

    1986 YZ125 - bringing her back

    B.A.S.S.-brake actuated suspension system as it was known. More of a gimmick than anything else
  4. ickfinger

    Shop talk

    I love my “guyrage”
  5. ickfinger

    1985 Honda XL350R

    In the oil bath stator
  6. ickfinger

    1985 Honda XL350R

    Those bikes had ignition is that overheated fairly easy. When it doesn’t start you need to check for spark before anything else
  7. ickfinger

    1982 YZ80 Help

    You need to do a compression test first. These bikes had zero low end power, so maybe nothing is wrong
  8. ickfinger

    1979 KDX 400

    Worst brakesOf any bike ever made
  9. ickfinger

    My newest bike find

    I always wanted one of those baby KDX’s! Even when I was too big for one
  10. ickfinger

    kdx250 engine in a kx420 frame

    They appear almost if not identical, I bet they do
  11. ickfinger

    '82 RM125

    Actually 81 was the first year..... but they look identical besides stickers
  12. That’s what I thought and tried to explain to no avail
  13. I’ve read here and there about people twisting the Throttle once or twice as part of the starting procedure: On a bike with a Excelerator pump, I get it but on your old vacuum style carburetor, is there really any point to doing this?
  14. ickfinger


    Pull off the ignition side cover, put the bike in neutral, see if you can turn the flywheel by hand. If not the motor is locked up
  15. ickfinger

    '82 RM125

    I think mine is awesome! Yeah, she's original!