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  1. Mike from Florida

    Where to ride near Ft lauderdale?

    I am just purchasing a dirt bike and I live near Ft Lauderdale Florida. Where can I ride around here? Are there any off road clubs or events around here? I know that there is a ton of open land there must be some serious (legal) trails nearby!
  2. Mike from Florida

    No Husqvarna dealers in Florida

    A good friend of mine in NJ recently bought a brand new Husky. When he showed me the photos it brought back tremendous memories of this old (almost) dude's many years of racing MX and trail riding. Now I am all over the Husqvarna web site and thinking strongly about buying one (a TE 450) and sure enough there is no dealer in my home state of Florida. How could that be? I think maybe I am just asleep at the wheel? Any ideas?