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  1. My buddy just bought a 2016 rmz450 and decided to swap this revalved spring forks and shock from the 13 onto the 16 and hes saying the bike sits like 2 inches lower then it did ...did they change the pullrod length or the rocker ratio or shock length between these 2? Hes at a loss
  2. just swapped to a 50 tooth sprocket and new chain....heres my issue ...either im at the second adjustment marks or 3rd from last marks...I haven't cut the new chain yet ....if I go all way forward yeah itll turn better but that's a good 3/8 inch farther forward then where I was with 13/49 gearing I used to be at 4th to 5th adjustment notch.....so what would u guys do?
  3. vet b rider 160 pounds no gear on bike has stock springs which I believe is 1.0 and 5.5 rear and bike forks are way stiff and harsh beating me to hell most likely gonna need a revalve but not in cards right now ...any help is apprecieted
  4. onenastynotch

    Reusing the base gasket...

    i use cometic steel shim head gaskets multiple times in our 1600rwhp turbo car .....clean em with carb or brake clean and a coat of permatext high tack or copper coat .. ..same with all my bikes .....
  5. onenastynotch

    2014 rmz 250

    if its new....check every single bolt on the bike.....I just got mine Friday and a ton of shit wasent tightened
  6. onenastynotch

    just boght 06 rm250 need opinions on flywheel weight

    i have v force also
  7. comin off a 08 rmz450 just bought a sweet 06 rm250 for 2400 has a fmf sst pipe and shorty silencer ..im lookin to add more bottom end/ soften the hit ....what flywheel weight would u reccomend for mx? i was thinkin a 9 oz would be good...thanx in advance
  8. onenastynotch

    2012 springs

    185 lbs ...im 160 i went with .45s in front and 5.2 in the back
  9. anyone make a aftermarket top mount? ive bent 3 bar clamps in the last year in very minor tipovers the stock handlebar clamp cost 45 bucks not including the bolts which are almost 10 bucks a piece....i bought the protaper clamp kit but the bolts wont go thru the triple clamps or the cones....seems protaper uses 12mm bolts and stock is 10mm....can anyone point me in the right direction?thanks....
  10. onenastynotch

    suspension revealve on my 2008 rmz450

    thanks mog....
  11. recently had a big name suspension shop revalve my 2008 rmz 450 ....overall i am pretty happy with it but i feel it could be plusher thru the braking bumps ...i was thinkin of swapping to a softer pressure spring but dont know how much better it would be,.....they installed 1.78 pressure springs i was thinkin somethin in the 1.6s i am 160 lbs without gear .45 springs in the front 5.2 in the rear valved for a vet b rider it was initially sent to me with my stock .47s in it and a 5.4 rear contrary to what they told me on the phone...i tried it with the stiffer springs and i had to go 20 clicks out on the compression damping from their initial 14 clicks and 2 clicks softer on the rear ....swapped the springs out much better but like i said the forks could be better im running 106mm of sag ....and 16 clicks out on the forks now....what direction should i be goin in? have them soften the inital valving or try swappin the pressure springs to something softer?
  12. onenastynotch

    pressure springs on a rmz450?

  13. onenastynotch

    pressure springs on a rmz450?

    what is the stock pressure springe rate on a 2008 rmz 450? thanks..
  14. anyone know what this costs for the parts? right side fork tube and lug.....thanx
  15. having trouble posting an ad in the classifieds it loads but doesent go thru