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  1. Fillmore

    Recommended Graphics

    The last couple of graphics kits that I've bought were Throttle Jockey. Good quality, look good, easy to install. http://www.throttlejockey.com/products.asp?department_id=69 --Fillmore
  2. Fillmore

    525 EXC for street applications?????

    That's more of a function of which tires you choose... I got the factory dual-sport version, and the stock DOT knobbies (Pirelli MT-18s) get sketchy at 70 mph and up. A friend with an street legal 450 MXC runs the Pirelli MT-90s and they aren't nearly as squirmy at highway speeds (and he does fine off-road with them). With supermoto rims and 17" Scorpion Syncs, my 525 is stable at 100 mph... --Fillmore
  3. Fillmore

    Dr. D Exhaust

    I run the Dr. D with the quiet core which should meet the CA sound limit (they list it as 96db with the core, but I remember it being significantly lower in a magazine test). My ass dyno tells me that it improves bottom and midrange, but doesn't to a ton for the top end. (dyno graphs on a 250R some a nice top end boost, but IMO it feels like it works differently on an X) As you've probably read, excellent build quality and perfect fit. --Fillmore
  4. Fillmore

    CRF150, it is finished.

    What are we looking at price-wise? I don't think that it'd be too hard for me to come up with an order for four just from my circle of local friends... --Fillmore
  5. Fillmore

    CRF150 forks

    IMO, you really need to go step-by-step with the spring rate changes. Before just jumping on new springs, go through the whole process of trying to set your static and race sag and adjust your pre-load. You can pre-load the fork springs with washers or sections of PVC pipe and that may put you closer than the BBR springs. I'm about 190# and I did just one BBR spring and some extra pre-load on one stock spring, and it seems about right. I also put in a Race Tech Gold Valve cartridge emulator which lets you adjust the compression damping and by balancing that with oil weight you can tune both compression and rebound. It's pretty plush now, and the cartridge emulator lets me tune it for either supermoto/dirt track or trail riding. The rear end is a little trickier, because the bike becomes a pogo stick pretty quickly when you just drop a stiffer spring on it (it lacks the rebound damping for a stiffer spring). You might want to try Durelle Racing for some cheaper tuning options than just jumping on a Works shock. http://www.durelleracing.com/ --Fillmore
  6. Fillmore

    CRF150 backfiring

    I'd lean towards checking for an exhaust leak, too. Temperature cycling it over the winter may have been enough to create a little leak between the header and the exhaust port. --Fillmore
  7. Fillmore

    CRF150, it is finished.

    Sounds great... I'm actually looking to do something similar. Any intention of dyno'ing it to see how close you got to you HP goal? One question... Where did you source your piston? Thanks, --Fillmore
  8. Fillmore

    Need Boots ,Recomandations?

    I found my Tech 8's were too stiff for riding mini-moto, so I went with an ATV boot and then re-soled them with supermoto soles. I went with the Sidi Discovery boots. It's close to a three buckle version of a Sidi Raptor Evo and they list them for ATV, dual-sport, and light off-road use. http://www.sidisport.com/eng/motorcycle/art_d.asp?ATp_ID=M04&Art_ID=MMDISCOVE --Fillmore
  9. Fillmore

    building my own sm WHEELS

    The easy way is to call Buchanons and tell them what you want. They'll give you your rim options and send you the right length spokes, etc... http://www.buchananspokes.com/ --Fillmore
  10. Anyone here attending the American Supercamp in Colton/San Berdoo this weekend? I was originally scheduled to do the Supermoto camp next weekend, but it got cancelled so I'm doing the dirt track camp. With the way I ride at least, the technique isn't that much different and I needed something to knock the rust off before the start of the season. (Rumor is that one or both Bostroms may be appearing as guest instructors, and there are still spots available) --Fillmore
  11. Fillmore

    Stateline Supermoto Challenge Roll Call

    I'm racing the little bike in the 160 class and the team race. We'll have our company booth and our pit area back to back, so look for the MTI banner and come say hi... --Fillmore
  12. Fillmore

    crf150f pipe

    For quality and fit, I think Dr. D is better than any other I've seen. It's just an image thing, but I also like the fact that it looks like a real bike pipe. I do wish that they (Dr. D) made a quiet core for the small bike pipes though. --Fillmore
  13. Fillmore

    Show your moto!

    Here's my street-tard... (on the stand) http://www.off-road.com/dirtbike/events/2005/suzukicyclefest/image/P8210032.JPG --Fillmore
  14. Fillmore

    Stateline Supermoto Challenge PRE REGISTRATION

    BTW, I got all the way through the registration process before finding that the XbuX page won't let you accept terms with Firefox. So, if you normally use something other than Internet Explorer, you might want to switch to IE before you start... --Fillmore
  15. Fillmore

    Big bore 170cc kit

    I have a 250X AND a 150F... I wouldn't want to get rid of either of them, but if one had to go, it'd probably be the X before the F... Sure, the 250X is a 'REAL' motorcycle, but the 150F is like a MTB that I don't have to pedal. --Fillmore