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  1. rmracer426

    Something unique about your bike?

    i just finished making a front brake resivor on the cnc machine at my school! ill get pics monday
  2. rmracer426

    alpinestar gear

    no im talking about pants and jerseys
  3. rmracer426

    alpinestar gear

    So im thinking about ordering Alpinestar gear from an online store out of the united Kingdome and had a couple questions. Has anyone ever done this? Do you thin it is safe? And how durable is there gear. If its anything like there boots then i don’t think I have anything to worry about.
  4. rmracer426

    144 or 250 (2stroke)?

    i think you would be happier with a 250?
  5. rmracer426

    what do u think about 2005 kx250f????

    you also need to get a water pump for it
  6. rmracer426


    was wondering if anyone had the seattle torrent
  7. rmracer426

    Skatepark in the dunes

    Ya I agree its probably for practice or company’s to use for photo shoots
  8. rmracer426

    Jumping Backward!

    Im not sure if that will ever be done. Although like you say people thought the backflip would never be done at one point. However I do think that doing a 180 and landing backwards (fakie) I believe it would be called is possible. Ive seen Todd Potter messing around rolling up a jump and coming back down backwards and almost turning around like they do on bmx. Only the future will tell
  9. rmracer426

    How do i cut my fenders??

    Its pretty much personal preference, just look at some pictures and see were you think it looks best and then go for it. Also you could cut the very tips of your fenders off and use them to get the perfect angel. and if you go to www.freestylemtx.com you will have better luck getting the answers your looking for when they are regarding fmx.Hope this helps
  10. rmracer426

    pipe questions

    was wondering if someone could tell me what the shortest pipe i could get for my 04 kxf is? i know the t4s are pritty short but im not sure if there the shortist. the goal is to show as little pipe sticking out as possible. thanks
  11. rmracer426

    Dual Pipes/CR250

    man thats going to be sweet. it kinda seems like it would loose power though?
  12. rmracer426

    Hard core FMX Training ......... :-)

    hope to see those guys at 07 x games
  13. rmracer426

    Yz250f mods

    ya i think it would look really good if you got the frame swing arm powder coated. i like the bike. dvs graphics are nice
  14. rmracer426

    powder coating rims

    ya i was also thinking about powder coating some parts. what are some cool parts to powder coat besides the frame hubs