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  1. Derek built and tuned mine as well...highly recommend his services.
  2. I wonder why my 16 big bore has 10hp more than yours? Oh, and I have the GET with 2nd injector kit.
  3. I lost 2hp across the board using the FMF system on my 16 KTM 250sxf. That was stock and modified. My bike now makes 53hp/26lb-ft torque using Bills Pipe system. Strapping on the FMF in back to back dyno runs it loses 2hp to the stock system and the Bills system. When we posted this up on here and Vital, my tuner got a call from Mr Emler trying to buy his silence...lol. FMF systems do not work on this bike.
  4. Buy a 380cc big bore kit from Harris Performance (Derek Harris) and you'll have the perfect vet bike. Well, I think my 270sxf if the perfect vet bike, but if I buy another bike it will be a 350 and I will go with a 380kit and Derek's head work and tuning.
  5. davbrucas

    WP 4CS forks....I have the answer :)

    The answer to the 4cs problem is to replace them with WP cone valves, Ohlins TTX or the new WP air forks.
  6. davbrucas

    2016 250 SXF FMF or Pro-Circuit

    It's only money. You can always make more.
  7. davbrucas

    2016 250 SXF FMF or Pro-Circuit

    My 16 250sxf lost hp with the FMF system compared to the stock system. Same with the 270 kit and mods.
  8. I found a complete set of forks and shock on Vital for $3k shipped. I haven't ridden the bike yet but they have to be better than the 4cs junk.
  9. You didnt go wrong with the 450...
  10. davbrucas

    Need Help with FMF 4.1 Full system

    Good deal. That's all that matters. But I'm 200lbs without gear so I need all the hp I can get!
  11. davbrucas

    Need Help with FMF 4.1 Full system

    Is this your SOTP dyno results? Our actual dynamometer results disprove your statement...
  12. davbrucas

    Need Help with FMF 4.1 Full system

    LoL...reminds me of this quote, In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. It's not your fault that FMF put out an inferior product. You're just reporting your findings. Others may have different results using their SOTP dyno.
  13. davbrucas

    Need Help with FMF 4.1 Full system

    Did you delete your thread on vital?
  14. davbrucas

    Need Help with FMF 4.1 Full system

    Yes. My 16 250sxf did not like the FMF system. Maybe others will have different results? This isnt just slapping on the exhaust and putting it on the dyno. This is with tuning.
  15. davbrucas

    Need Help with FMF 4.1 Full system

    Derek was not trying to sell anything exhaust related. I am the one who posted that the FMF was not a good fit for this bike. I am just going off the numbers my bike made with each pipe. And do you really believe that the magazines that post this info arent getting paid by the manufacturer to give a good review? Instead of arguing your point using anecdotal evidence and seat of the pants dyno numbers why dont you guys grab your stock exhaust and go put it on the dyno with a competent tuner and compare? Do you guys understand what a placebo effect is?