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  1. Me and my monkee

    01' Dr650

    If it is the CCT, its an easy fix. Gasket is a couple of bucks, and can be changed out quickly.
  2. Me and my monkee

    drz 250 tailight conversion for 650

    Plug and play
  3. Me and my monkee

    I hit a deer

    Nah. I took out Bambi last year
  4. Me and my monkee

    What Model Forks Fit DR650SE?

    I have a DR350 front end on my 650. Forks, wheel, brake etc. Forks are same size as 650, 43mm, in stock 650 triples. Don't know for sure which year, they were on it when I bought it.
  5. Me and my monkee

    Battery rant...

    Walmart has the correct battery for the DR650. About 50 bucks
  6. Me and my monkee

    Making my DR....MINE....

    Damn Kliff. Looking good. My bike is lucky if it gets washed! We have to get together soon to talk about those tool tubes. I want to put a better (Bigger) kit together.
  7. Me and my monkee

    DS tire shortage

    Trakmasters seem more aggressive than I want Kliff. My bike came with one on the front. Very bumpy ride on pavement. You getting a new tank for your new DR? Getting rid of the pretty yellow?
  8. Me and my monkee

    "Honduki DRX400 special" pics finally! (Warning, image heavy)

    And the Kawasaki AR sticker! Is that really Honda rear suspension, or just a pro link sticker? To go with the Yam and Kaw ones.
  9. Me and my monkee

    DS tire shortage

    There seems to be a shortage of Dual Sport tires in many sizes. I am having a real hard time finding a 5.10 for the rear of my 650. Would a 4.60 be ok? I know a 130 would work, but Im looking at k270s or something similar.
  10. Me and my monkee

    Rear Wheel Bearings

    New bearings are in. Wheel no longer wobbles. One of the smaller bearings barely turned it was so pitted, and the hub bearing was very loose. I read the PDF manual on my computer screen before going out to replace them. I overlooked the bit about installing the right bearing first. I think I did the left first, and seated it too far in, because as I put in the right bearing it trapped the spacer in the middle. I had to tap the inner race (I know, big no no) to get a little free play. And as I tightened the rear axle I could feel some binding. I need a new tire in about 4-500 miles, so I will reinspect then. If the bearings are shot I will put it down as a $20 learning experience and do it again.
  11. Me and my monkee

    Rear Wheel Bearings

    Thanks for all the input, and thanks for the heads up on Bearing Distributors Kliff. The bearings were in stock. Cost per bearing was a little more than the website I looked at, but as I had no shipping to pay, it was within a couple of bucks of being even. Now to remove the old ones and get the fresh ones in!
  12. Me and my monkee

    Rear Wheel Bearings

    Hey kliff, thinking of a DR huh? I will sure check out that place. Is that Bearing Distributors? The yellow pages lists them on Horizon South Parkway, which is what Lewiston becomes once it crosses the interstate. I'll ride down there tomorrow after work.
  13. Me and my monkee

    Rear Wheel Bearings

    The microfiche at Ronayers.com shows three bearings in the back wheel of my 1996 DR650. Two in the wheel and one in the rear sprocket hub. The parts are listed as bearings with the dimensions. The pair are shown as 20x47x14, and the single is 25x52x15. Can I buy these from this bearing supply company? http://www.vxb.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=bearings&Product_Code=6204-2RS-1&Category_Code=20mm http://www.vxb.com/page/bearings/PROD/25mm/Kit7209 They will cost about one third of Suzuki parts. Also, why does the single bearing have a larger ID? Is the axle thicker at that point, or is there a spacer there? Or? I dont want to disassemble the bike right now to see, and the fiche pic is not real clear. Thanks edit: Now I look at it it seems that part 19 here fits inside the bearing. Am I right? http://fiche.ronayers.com/Index.cfm/Module/Main/TypeID/26/Type/Motorcycle/MakeID/2/Make/Suzuki/YearID/37/Year/1996/ModelID/7040/Model/DR650SE/GroupID/303972/Group/REAR_WHEEL
  14. Me and my monkee

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    Hey! I have one of those stands too, only mines for the back wheel A more recent pic
  15. Me and my monkee

    Quick Question About Fuel Petcock

    Vacuum petcocks can fail though, as I have found out, and combined with a leaky needle and float valve in the cab, can fill the crankcase. The DR petcock is very pricey and can only be bought as a whole unit. I bought an inline fuel tap as a cheap fix. its a Briggs and Stratton part from Ace hardware. Lightweight and only cost $6 IIRC. I switch it to off everytime I park for more than a gas stop