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  1. shspvr

    Bottom end failure, crankcase usable?

    I took look at on ebay oh god a lot of them there are damage I wouldn't troch them with 100ft pole nor give what ask price there off there rockers but I see two below Bottom End 1 Bottom End 2
  2. shspvr

    Bottom end failure, crankcase usable?

    Dry sump on the CRF150R has to do with crank that doesn't set in a bath oil like say reg CRF150F motor dose which know as a wet sump ​On the CRF150R crank case it has small slot right at very bottom that goes to catch can then in to tank pan it self just below that where oil pump is at, the main diff is there not need for scavenge pump that how the engine is able to turn 14,000 rpm That why the transmission has it oil. If put this together the way it is it will just lock and do even more damage. Oh that what most happing when do not check the oil level or over fill it or used cheap oil when should using a Full Synthetic and the right weight 10-40w or not change the oil to when that should be done ever 20/30 hours no if or but same with oil filter to Another possible is over rev the motor but kind say with see the rest of the parts photo crank, cyl and head
  3. shspvr

    Bottom end failure, crankcase usable?

    After look at the photo there no way you be able to reuse the two case half's keep in mind the CRF150R is dry sump set-up
  4. Yup that tank dose loook like it from CB400F
  5. That look good and yes that is good scored on cool original 1972 sales brochure sweet
  6. Where at base on the cylinder ?. Usely that pettey much ok they alway do that becuase of paper gasket material over time.
  7. shspvr

    Which year CRF150r has the best name?

    Really make's no diff on the years unless it a 2012, so if go for 2007 to 09 as long it jetted rigth there be no problem The only cons is it have keep the valve clearance ajust and change the oil about ever 20 hours
  8. Holy cow that looking super sweet petey383
  9. shspvr

    Video of me drag racnig a YZ250,RM125, and CRF450R

    Well know wound you have Honda Junior-R 250 motor in 150 frame
  10. shspvr

    Pics of all crf 150r

    I take that you ref to luv2ride2 post The tank is most likely a IMS 1.6 or Clarke 1.7 they don't give you much of any option in color from what I recall As for handguards they look a half wrap mount I don't them I perf full wrap mount stye
  11. shspvr

    1972 Honda SL100 update

    Dose the clutch lever fell like there pressure when you pull it in?. Inspect the grooves the clutch plate fingers slide into. Both inner and outer Possable cuases Worn Clutch Basket Worn Center Basket Broken Pressure Plate Broken or Burn up Clutch Disc Broken or Burn up Steel Plate Just Google worn clutch baskets that give and idea what look for
  12. shspvr

    150 r development

    Frist thing you run in to is dirttbike don't have room for this. You have to run a low compression ratio below 9:1 idea you want 8:1 A strong forged crank and connecting rod is a must A strong clutch A better cooling system A more powerful ignition system that progarmable A free flowing exhaust. The superchargers can be done but hard find ready made that small of packeage The turbocharger can be done but there a one problem know as Turbo lag and look up IHI RHB31 turbo go to MBE Motorsports Both will cost you a lot of time and money
  13. shspvr

    CRF150r valves

    Both Titanium and Stainless Steel will last way longer then Reg Steel Valve and they don't stretched as eazy as reg steel dose. Con's with Titanium Valve do need to change your valve seats, valve guides and valve springs which will cost you lot money to have done. Pro's with Titanium Valve is it lighten your valvetrain, in order to rev and make power faster. And yes it always good idea to be on top of valves maintenance is a good way to prevent a major top end problem's.
  14. shspvr

    Help, my 71 rickman wont start anymore!

    It dosen't work that way, How ever 90 psi is a bit low, you should be in 125 to 150 psi.
  15. shspvr

    XR350 bogging at higher RPM

    Have check your valve lash clearance Are you sure you not hit the rev limiter? maybe the CDI start to go bad