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  1. ktm-parts . com sells all hard parts 15% off msrp and ships quick too.
  2. $2500 is a very good deal if it doesn't have any mechanical issues. I paid $3000 for mine this spring and I thought I got a good deal...
  3. I have a Thumper Racing 300 kit (290cc). Def more bottom and mid power. I sent my motor to TR and they installed it for a resonable fee. Well worth the cash!
  4. Yes, change the springs and put a 49 or 50t on the back!
  5. I'm the same height and 15lbs lighter. My 250 has no issues pulling me around the track. I just had Thumper Racing put a 300 big bore kit in it and its almost perfect. I has more grunt now but still has all the good traits of a 250. I've never ridden a four stroke kawi so I can't compare the two.
  6. +1 I have the small on in my Husaberg and it fires up no problem and does not need a battery tender.
  7. lots of threads on here about hot start issues... The bottom line is a JD Jet Kit with the leak jet will fix the problem. Mine would not start hot at all before I put the JD kit in the carb. Now it starts hot with just a couple kicks. Best money I have spent on the bike!
  8. its really easy to do it yourself
  9. JD is the man! Best customer service you will ever get. He also personally owns a KTM 250F so he knows the bike...
  10. My 300sxf in supermoto trim...
  11. lots of good places including the thumpertalk store. ktm-parts dot com is very good also.
  12. I just sent my motor to Travis for a 300 kit. Is the stock pipe OK or do I need to get an open silencer?
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