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  1. I got the shakes... anything rideable? I know everything in the foothills has white stuff, fire closed most northern CA stuff, Nevada has snow on the valley floor, SoCal and AZ have snow... Central Valley? Hollister open?
  2. BigBelly

    Ranch Fire Impact Update

    Awesome video! Thank you. Obviously pre-fire footage though, right? Would love to see it now...
  3. BigBelly

    Forty people showed!

    Awesome! Thank you!
  4. BigBelly

    Ranch Fire Impact Update

    Paragliding... no video? That would be fantastic footage! Anyone with a helmet cam that day?
  5. Wanting to plan a few rides to distant places, some in state, some out of state. I have gone on Rider-Planet and there is some good info but I don't think this site has been updated in years. Anything else similar that might have better maps and trail footage all in one site? Thx.
  6. BigBelly

    KTM Haters

    Dirt Harley! Fantastic bikes but I ride a White KTM (Husqvarna). I get a kick out of the cult like following (Harley like) and we love to jab our buddies about it. I'm in California and most with Pumpkins love to tell the world what kind of bike they have. Sticker on back window of truck, black shoes with orange laces, Ktm hat, t-shirt and jacket, orange skivvies (underwear) orange tie-downs, orange gas can, orange bike stand, KTM cell phone case with perfectly matching and logo'd gear. I'm sure you all have seen it. Just having fun with my orange buddies.
  7. I'm nearing 48 and ride with many A and B riders that are much older. They kick ass. I rode the Nevada desert with a guy that was 77 and he rode the tires off a KTM 350 XC! Another guy is still an A rider who is 65. We have many A riders over 50 in our circle. I think if you ride often and refuse to get mental about it, age is just a number. For the most part anyway.
  8. Stock tank or otherwise, how far are you gents going on a full tank on a YZ 450 FX and what style of riding/terrain. Thanks!
  9. BigBelly

    Strava for Dirt Bikes

    Yes, I agree with you. That’s okay, right?
  10. BigBelly

    Strava for Dirt Bikes

    Actually, using Strava on moto might force Strava to look at us! If the Mtn Bikers keep having their scores beat by motos, they’ll complain or leave. Might be a way to get them to listen to us?
  11. BigBelly

    Strava for Dirt Bikes

    I’m not saying any are better than TT, I’m saying their power in numbers are impressive (yes, so is TT) GMBN, Pinkbike, Trailforks, Strava and several social media pages too. Again, it wasn’t about TT it’s about our riders vs theirs. I’m just saying that there seems to be more organization, better tech and more willingness to grow their sport than do the moto side. I should add that in today’s climate talks, they’ll beat us every time! We could be better organized and more proactive, that’s all.
  12. BigBelly

    Strava for Dirt Bikes

    Don’t want to support motorized vehicles but they drive to these riding spots and fly for business and pleasure. F’n hypocrite tree huggers. This is one area where the Mtn Bike crowd is way ahead of moto people. There are more of them doing trail work, more building tech gadgets, better forums, big social media numbers... just better organized and way more willing to help each other grow their sport. We better find a way to follow that lead or were all gonna be on the outside looking in. Just my thoughts.
  13. BigBelly

    Strava for Dirt Bikes

    Huh? There’s a crap ton of racing that happens on trails in public parks. For those that do race cross country or enduro style events, as do track riders, practice makes perfect, right? It’s a tool to help you document your rides or get better.
  14. BigBelly

    Strava for Dirt Bikes

    I can see the kind of response you got here (bummed) but did you push this any farther? Have you talked to Strava? I think this is a great idea. Would be even better is you could show your specific trail, specific time AND your ability. AA, A, B, C or bought my bike yesterday kind of thing. Would be great to help you grow and strive to better yourself. If I can help, send me a PM.