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  1. Maintenance records would be nice.look for obvius signs of damage.Bent bars,axles,worn out tires= high miles.
  2. An easy ride would be to randsburg. It may be perty cold up towards big bear. Just throwing ideas out
  3. Tell her to wave as she blows past me on my z400 as it will barely hit 60.
  4. I have Sat and Sun off. I do need advance notice if possible as I take care of my mother and need time to find a mommy sitter.
  5. I'm in Apple Valley. I have a plated bike. I also have a quad if anybody is interested in Quad riding.
  6. I started on a 1980 ATC 110. Then an 84 ATC 250r that I raced desert on. Sold that and stopped riding until 1995ish. Bought an 82 ATC250r that had a300 cylinder and head on and rode that all over hell and back.
  7. Really! Neat! My gf and I were looking at shacks in town one time. Seemed a little overpriced to me LOL. I've been too busy to do anything. My brother and his wife decided we needed to remodel my moms house and thats been an ongoing disaster since. But it's almost done. Now I've twisted my knee or something. About 4 months ago I took a beginner rider friend on a super easy ride around the Ord mountains and he somehow fell over near the hot springs lower parking and tore his knee up real bad. I was hoping he could go along with us but I think he's mad at me .LOL Now I guess we wait till it cools off.
  8. Some people will say that a non motorcycle oil can make a clutch slip. I've been riding since 1977 and the only time I had a clutch slip was when it was worn out or the springs lost their tension. Since your using mobil1 atv oil I'm going to guess that the oil is not your problem. I'm betting that you need a new clutch.
  9. I have a dual sport bike that is plated. but I much prefer the quad. I picked up some maps and I can legally do this run but I'm going to pre run it on the dual sport first as soon as the weather clears up. The stump road goes from basically George Air Force Base to Randburg as do the power lines on the west side of 395 both roads are green sticker legal
  10. That makes sense! I pre ran that section in my Jeep today. Must be an old Powerline rd because the stumps look like cut off power lines. It dead ends @ 58 with no way to cross the tracks. Any ideas?
  11. I 'm not having luck with mapping. I was in the area today. There is a legal OHV trail from Shadow mountain rd (Near Helendale) to hwy 58. It's # KH6115. It stops about a mile east of four corners and does not continue on the other side of the tracks. I'm kinda stuck now. I wish I could find a map that showed the routes on the North side of the tracks and where we could cross.
  12. The map shows a rd about 1 mile east of 395 that goes most of the way. Looks like it stops near 20 mule team rd. I gotta run out there and see if its a green sticker rd or not.
  13. Sounds like an electrical problem. Sometimes electrical parts will fail whe hot. coil, magneto or CDI box maybe?
  14. I have heard that I can get from Helandale to Ransburg on green sticker trails does anybody know the route?
  15. I have been gone for a while. I just picked up a Z400. Looking for people to ride with. I heard about a legal green sticker trail that runs from Silver lakes/Helendale to Randsburg. Anybody have any info on that?
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