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  1. motorock

    Need some help with the son's TTR

    In My very quick search it sounds like the thermo switch is for the carb heater. Look for other reasons for no spark.
  2. motorock

    2009 Yz250f not starting help!!!!!

    Are You sure the cams are timed correctly ? Did it run before the new timing chain was installed ?
  3. CDI's when failing can also act like this ! Can You be prepared and check do a quick check for spark when the bike quits ?
  4. motorock

    '18 YZ450F Starter Clutch Failure ?

    They have updated the part number so looks like some kind of change has been made. This bike is now on the third starter clutch replacement and all done with the new part # May I ask what oil were You using ?
  5. motorock

    YZ250F won’t start

    In My humble opinion, that motor had a VERY hard hit, if I read Your first post correctly ( pulled the gear off of exhaust calm and rotated gear on the intake cam). I would think that that the head would be near junk, there were no broken valve guides ? The intake cam journal shows no sign of seizure ? No bent rod ? Can You leak down test the motor ?
  6. motorock

    2002 yzf426

    But in '03 they went to a 450cc, there were no 426's
  7. motorock

    2018 yzf450 starter problem

    Yamaha or the dealer did help the owner with the first two, all of the starter clutches that have been put in the bike have been the new parts number.
  8. motorock

    2018 yzf450 starter problem

    An '18 that I have worked on since new is on it's third starter clutch !
  9. motorock

    2002 yzf426

    ??? 2002 YZ426F had a 5 speed transmission
  10. motorock

    18 yz450 - Gearbox trouble at 40hrs

    I read the OP's first post as a friends bike seems to have lost a gear and not shifting, into it , maybe I was wrong ? The OP never did really say what the bikes problem was!
  11. motorock

    Blown 2009 YZ250F Project

    Did You tear the bike down to this point ? If You did, was the clamp tight on the carb at the intake ? I would look for air coming in on the intake side.
  12. motorock

    18 yz450 - Gearbox trouble at 40hrs

    I put a shift fork and 2 gears in an '18 that lost second gear. Works great now ! The owner said He had talked to a few riders that lost third gear. Damn things get beat on hard at times !
  13. motorock

    electrical problem

    Think I would put a multimeter on the battery check voltage, then check voltage at the lug on the starter when you hit the button to see if Your getting power to the starter. Just My thoughts.
  14. motorock

    2001 yz125 kick start axle issue

    Agree with YZ DOC, I have seen a lot of them toast like Yours !
  15. motorock

    2018 yz450f kickstart

    If the bike bump starts and Your sure the engine is turning over with the electric starter ! I would check the valve clearance to rule out, tight valves !