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  1. dukepilot

    Carb fuel screw adjustment tool?

    If this is for your 2004 TC450, an extended fuel screw from Zip Ty or any other aftermarket company will not fit because you have a Mikuni TMR carb and the thread pitch and screw profile are different. Your best bet is to solder/modify your stock screw or use a very short screw driver tip. A Kientech fuel screw for a DR350 will fit, however the tip profile is different from stock so it doesn't work all that great.
  2. As the owner of 3 '04 Huskies, I felt betrayed when they changed the styling in 2005.
  3. dukepilot

    Check out my crazy suspesnion...

    Very nice! Now you need some gold teeth and a big necklace to go with your suspenders:thumbsup:
  4. dukepilot

    Carb problems on 04 te250

    Another thing to look for is a clogged accelerator pump circuit (in addition to a clogged pilot jet). The nozzle that squirts fuel into the bore of the carb could be clogged if the bike has sat unused for a period of time. I use a very fine needle thin wire jet cleaner and some carb cleaner spray to solve this problem on my TE250. To check to see if you have this problem, look down the bore of the carb (from the air filter side of the carb) and twist the throttle open to see if the A/P is working. first, you must have fuel in your float bowl. If you twist the throttle and you have no squirt or a weak squirt coming out of the nozzle, its time to unclog it.
  5. dukepilot

    Tubes for the rear on SM450/510/610

    I use Bridgestone Radial Tubes. They're expensive but you can get them from PU. Part numbers are: BTU-549533 - 12/70R17 (Front) BTU-549541 - 150/160/170R17 (Rear)
  6. dukepilot

    2002 TC570 carb problems!

    Motosupplies in the UK have a spring carb mounting kit to prevent the carb from blowing off... http://www.motosupplies.com/parts.php
  7. dukepilot

    husky 610 jetting

    Try 180 main, red needle 4th or 5th position, 45 pilot. Also, install a CR8EIX sparky plug.
  8. dukepilot

    04 TC 450 a/p pump leaking

    Does it leak only when the the rod is depressed? It could be leaking because the fuel is being forced past the A/P piston due to blocked fuel passages. The A/P nozzle on my bike has a tendency to clog up with fuel deposits if I don't start/ride my bike at least once a month. Check and clean those passages and the nozzle.
  9. dukepilot

    2004 SM 450R for dirt.....questions.

    1. It depends, for casual trail riding it would be OK. For serious trail riding - no. The SMR suspension is shorter and stiffer. 2. They can be swapped, easier if you get the TE master cylinder and brake caliper along with caliper mount along with the wheels. 3. Triple clamp offset is also different on the SMR. The rear suspension link may also be different (not really sure about this). 4. Same engine and trans. 5.Plastics and seat are interchangeable.
  10. dukepilot

    Husqvarna Reveals The Smq

    Mount some clip-on bars and rearsets, get rid of the ugly front fairing, ditch the ginormous muffler and relocate the radiator and it might be a fun little road racer/track bike.
  11. dukepilot

    SM 610 and ASV levers nightmare!

    For the SM610, you'll need the ASV C5 Pro Perch and lever assembly. Its been awhile since I installed it on my 610 but I think I had to do some minor grinding to get it work. Also make sure your cable enters the perch with a straight shot. This will make your cable live longer.
  12. dukepilot

    sm610 FBF cam+piston or just piston ?

    Try a 42 pilot with the JD Red Needle at the 4th or 5th position, keep the 180 main.
  13. dukepilot

    Help my 610 is dead

    Check your battery cables and fuses. It is not uncommon for the battery cable to loosen. If you have a short it will blow the fuse and you will have no juice. Check the easy stuff first.
  14. dukepilot

    Best 610 jetting...

    The 610 can be a little finicky when it comes to carburation. In addition to the JD kit, 42 pilot, red needle, 180 main, oring and pump plate, I'm also running a Power Now Plus and a Flo-Commander velocity stack with adjustable slow air and main air circuits. Here is a pic of the Flo-Commander. I've since upgraded the Flo-Commander to their most recent model, with heat barrier coating and remote adjustable main air circuit for on the fly adjustments to the main air circuit. Adjusting the slow air circuit is similar to adjusting pilot jet size and adjusting the main air circuit is similar to adjusting main jet size with some influence over the needle circuit. The range of adjustment is approximately 3 jet sizes. The remote adjustment is very cool, allows me to make changes on the fly that I can notice. This can be important for elevation and temperature changes that can occur during a ride. Even with the Flo Commander, your settings need to be in the ball park to begin with for best results.
  15. dukepilot

    Husky 500 Twin

    Here it is...