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  1. It's a tough lesson, but Wilson should have learned it by now. Racing is racing and you keep the hammer down until the checkered flag. You don't get a ride with PCR by giving anyone a motto win (even if you think you have the overall). Wilson will likely never do this again, but I feel no remorse for him. When you stop racing (and rest assured he was not racing on the last lap) you get passed. I love the 250 class because they are full of hungry young guys. That's why I watch. I was disappointed to see him lift, but I was happy when second (for the motto) was taken away. Don't lift for anyone, not a teammate, not a friend, not anyone. It cheapens the sport.
  2. Jeremy2Wheel

    Reed Penalized

    So Reed was docked 3:30 by the AMA? Wouldn't this amount of time put him under 11 laps? If that is the case, in theory, he should finish behind everyone that finished 11 laps. Anyone else see where I am coming from? I know his position will not be changed to reflect this reasoning, just some food for thought.
  3. Jeremy2Wheel

    87XR600R Oil Trouble

    Thanks for your reply. I don't think the oil lines are the main source of the leak. I am afraid one of the cylinder retaining bolts is loose, stripped, or broke. However, I still want to replace the oil lines. They are old and look like they could go at any minute. If I have to go to the trouble to pull the jug, I am going to replace the oil lines. So, I will gladly buy new lines from a later model year, but I am not sure if they will fit an '87 model. Again, thanks to all for any advice.
  4. Jeremy2Wheel

    87XR600R Oil Trouble

    So, have any of you guys with early xr600r's replaced your oil lines with those of a later model year? If not, does anybody know a place that can repair these old lines? Thanks for your help. Any advice is appreciated.
  5. Jeremy2Wheel

    87XR600R Oil Trouble

    The surfaces were clean and flat. I didn't use any silicone, just the new gasket. The funny thing is that it had been fine for about 6 months, then it just started leaking.
  6. Jeremy2Wheel

    87XR600R Oil Trouble

    Hey Guys, I have a 87xr600r and it is loosing oil fast. I know these engines tend to leak some, but this bike just starting dumping oil. It looks like there may be oil coming out between the jug and the case. I know the jug is torqued to spec because I did it myself. Has anyone ever experienced this? Also, does anyone know if the engine to frame oil lines are interchangeable (between model years). They are no longer available for 87's and I want to replace the old ones on my bike. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Jeremy2Wheel

    Supercross Indy SX pits?

    Anyone know if there will be pit passes at Indianapolis?
  8. Jeremy2Wheel

    XR600R + Race Fuel

    Thanks for the response guys. The fuel I am running is Shell and it is leaded. I should have been more clear. I am yet to run 100% race fuel. I started by refilling a half empty tank with race fuel for a 50/50 mix. I would guess that I am now at about 30/70 (race fuel being the 70). I have considered the jetting issues, but I hesitate to mess with my carbs (I have the two carb model) because it runs pretty good now. Thanks again.
  9. Jeremy2Wheel

    XR600R + Race Fuel

    Just curious what fuel you guys are running in your xr600r's. I have an 87 that I recently rebuilt. Wiseco piston (10.5:1 I think), HOT RODS connecting rod, New Cam, Cam Chain. Recently, I bought five gallons of 108 octane from a Shell station. I noticed my bike idles faster and may pull slightly harder (It was already a torque monster). I'm not sure if I need to be running race fuel, is it a waste of money, can it hurt the engine? I have read all of the articles about how octane is really gasoline's resistance to knocking and not necessarily about relative power. So, now I want advice from you guys. Thanks in advance.
  10. Jeremy2Wheel

    xr600r counter sprocket cover

    I got an OEM part for my 87 xr600r. I bought it from mrcycles.com. You will have to search through their parts diagrams.
  11. Jeremy2Wheel

    87 XR600 countershaft plug

    I am not sure what you are talking about by "frost plug". I just finished rebuilding my '87 xr600r (FYI it is not running yet as I am chasing electrical problems). On the right side of the case there is an internal oil seal. The counter shaft goes through the seal into the clutch area of the case. This may not be the info you need, but if you describe the frost plug to me I may be able to help more.
  12. Jeremy2Wheel

    xr600 break in?

    http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm This is the method that I am curious about. The logic is sound but I certainly do not want to test it on my engine without some input from you guys. Thanks to all for your input.
  13. Jeremy2Wheel

    xr600 break in?

    I have a 1987 xr600r that I have completely rebuilt. I want to know what break in method you guys use. Do you use the manual recommended slow method or do you use the MotoMan method, running it hard to initially seal the rings? If you use the run it hard method, do you think it would be o.k for me to do this on a 20 year old bike? FYI I have a new connecting rod, piston, rings, cylinder bore, camshaft, etc. All suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  14. Jeremy2Wheel

    My new toy!

    Are those side number plastics original or replacements. I have two '84 xr350's that I am restoring and I can't find side number plastic anywhere.
  15. Jeremy2Wheel

    What do 15 year olds ride?

    When I was 15 I rode anything I had a chance to ride: cr80, dr350, xr200. When I was 16 I rode a cr500 for the first time. That was a great bike:thumbsup: