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  1. bwheeler810

    Living near Walker Valley or Belfair

    Belfair is relatively close to Capitol so you kind of get two for one.
  2. bwheeler810

    Golden Spike

    Actually if there is more than one line, stay in your line. The faster riders will use the alternate lines to pass you. If you quickly move out of the way you will probably run into the racer passing you. On the other hand, if you are on a trail where there is no passing lines then pull off. No need to stop, just pull off the trail and slow down till they pass. Lappers are just part of racing and some racers understand this more than others. Most guys will yell thanks for letting them pass easily, Others, let's just say, won't.
  3. bwheeler810

    Foggy Dew

    A bunch of us rode Foggy Dew over the weekend. Trails are still open even though the maps are confusing and snow is cleared enough that you can get up to dead man's pass from Foggy Dew CG. There is a fire close to Chelan so check that out first if you plan on riding in the area.
  4. bwheeler810

    Tahuya Friday - the good and the bad

    my 94 toyota p/u truck with the 4 banger had plastic timing chain guides and after awhile they fatigued and shattered, leaving a lot of slack in the timing chain. The chain rubbed up against the water jacket and wore a hole right through it and coolant leaked down in the engine. If coolant isn't leaking out the bottom and you have compression, check the oil color.
  5. bwheeler810

    Best place to ride at Reiter for beginners?

    This doesn't exist at Reiter. You can still learn to ride there though. Progress at your own pace. Stick to the roads until you feel comfortable to tackle some of the jeep/quad trails. There are some pretty easy jeep/quad trails up by the pond that are fun for beginners. Be careful though because they are two way trails and some people like to haul in there. After that go mess around under the power lines and do some hill climbs and descents on the sandy hills. Practice lifting the front wheel, its not just a trick, it will come in very handy at Reiter. Then move to some of the "single track". Try not to tear the single track up by spinning the rear tire to get over obstacles. If you get stuck, back up 20 feet and hit it with momentum and you'll go right over. Find some people to ride with that know Rieter that are your same skill level or a little better. You won't be in anyone's way. -Brian
  6. bwheeler810

    Anyone riding Wednesday, July 8th?

    I saw him too, heading into Sultan. I'll be at Reiter tomorrow afternoon around 3-4pm.
  7. bwheeler810

    Quick After Work Ride at Reiter

    I go up on Wednesday's and was there yesterday. They are really closing down a lot of riding but deer creek flats area still has lots of riding and you can easily spend two hours at Reiter riding a loop. As stated nothing is marked so you need to hook up with someone that knows the area or have a GPS so you can bread crumb your way back to your truck while exploring. They should be closing cable trail soon because of the creek crossing by the $1000 switch back. Sucks big time. Get up there and enjoy it while you can and experience it while its dry too. That doesn't happen very often. If you want to learn some Reiter trails, consider getting some friends together and doing the Buttstomper this month.
  8. bwheeler810

    Reiter trails close on June 19

    I'm going to be up by the pond around 3PM if you guys are still up there. -Brian
  9. bwheeler810

    Granite Falls MXGP

    Not yet, but they will anounce it on the blog @ www.mxgponmtloop.blogspot.com You can also sign up for a notification e-mail.
  10. bwheeler810

    Granite Falls MXGP

    FYI this was postponed so it is not happening today.
  11. bwheeler810

    NW DirtWise venue?

  12. bwheeler810

    NW DirtWise venue?

    I'll talk to JR next wednesday at our club meeting. If he's cool with it I'll forward his info. There is another guy in the club that has a decent place but it is on Whidbey Is. You have to take the ferry or drive a ways. But I'll ask him too. -Brian
  13. bwheeler810

    NW DirtWise venue?

    Might be a long shot but try JR's place Marysville. -Brian
  14. bwheeler810

    NOVA funds at risk

    If we are going to quit buying ORV tags can we get some sort of agreements with the clubs that put on the events on public land to stop checking for them if at all possible. I just bought tabs for my bike just so I could participate in the Kilted Duck poker run. I wouldn't have bought them otherwise. If we can't avoid buying tags to participate in Rimrock, Cowbell, Straddleline, and the like, the boycott can have a negative impact on race attendance. -Brian
  15. If we sign up for the expert trials, do we get to do the poker run too? Thanks, -Brian