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  1. james_b

    Such a wonderful sight

    yeah. I was like WTF. Did husky hire retarded mechanics? /
  2. james_b

    I have become a big fan of Barcia this season

    no..no... no he didn't.....
  3. james_b

    Salt lake main event replays?

  4. james_b

    Atlanta Injuries

    yes, as soon as I saw that section I started thinking of wheelchairs.....
  5. someone throat punch him....
  6. james_b

    The Hand

    really?..thought hard terrain tires had a harder compound?
  7. james_b

    The Hand

    I finally bought a new bike after 13 years of no riding. Always had Dunlops. Now they are junk? I have Bridgestones on current bike and don't really care for em?. anyone running Pirellis???
  8. james_b

    Is red bull a cult?

    Yeah bring back the Smokes and BEER sponsors...
  9. james_b

    2018 Monster Energy San Diego SX Bench Racing - Rd 6

    should be sponsored now by dunkin donuts..damn....
  10. james_b

    Tomac in San Diego

    might've been more serious. torn cuticle....
  11. james_b

    Guesses on Roczen's Injury

    Agree...we have No idea who will win next round... And yes KR did this to himself....High emotions and 60+ HP sometimes crack bones...
  12. james_b

    Guesses on Roczen's Injury

    Webb is putting his trouser trout into KRs ex...Hence.. The whiskey throttle of death...
  13. james_b

    Guesses on Roczen's Injury

    I wonder if KR will be able to wipe his butt with either hand before his career is over?...
  14. james_b

    Barcia Breakdown

    No Eli just departs and hits the showers early..............
  15. james_b


    You forgot SPIDER CAM........................what a turd.............