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  1. Senior-Rider

    KY Dual Sport Ride

    I agree as well. Awesome ride last year.... Unfortunately I will not be able to make it for Saturday but will be there for the Sunday ride.
  2. Senior-Rider

    Steering Stablizers

    After installing one, don't leave home without it..... They are worth the investment. It has definitely saved me from hitting the dirt more than once and I do not like doing that......
  3. Senior-Rider

    I don't understand

    I can understand your dilemma.... The 450EXC is a high performance machine with higher quality parts but the same context these parts are also stressed more as a result. In general, the KTM RFS is pretty bulletproof and requires the oil to be changed frequently and valves checked occassionally. I can honestly say my other "race bikes" have required a lot more TLC than the RFS. I like tinkering with the bike and keeping the maintenance up but I really like to ride more and to have this caliber of bike with reliability is the only way to go IMO. Hope this provides some insight......
  4. Senior-Rider


    Check out their website www.trailsheaven.com but you can pick up permits at defined motels or at the trailhead. I have only ridden the Buffalo Mountain and Browning Fork trails. It is definitely a great place to ride and I cannot wait to go back.
  5. Senior-Rider

    Toys for Tots Ride - Spurgeon, IN

    Anybody going to this? They are opening the place up for a Dec 9, 2006 ride. See the attached link. http://www.in.gov/dnr/outdoor/interlake/cleanup.pdf
  6. Senior-Rider

    Last Man Standing

    Thanks for the update as well. I was disappointed that their web-site did not indicate standings, etc; however the TT board came through. I am looking forward to seeing the videos as well.
  7. Senior-Rider

    Great Place to Ride in KY!

    For the record, Dunn's is an excellent place to ride regardless of your skill level. At age 48, I roll the jumps but the track still provides alot of riding opportunities to improve my skills. In this area we ought to be glad that someone is willing to make a go of a facility to provide a location for the off road community.
  8. Senior-Rider

    400exc or 450 exc for woods?

    I had an 02 400 EXC and upgraded last year to an 06 450 EXC and if I had it to do over again, I probably would of gone with the 400 EXC but availablity was somewhat limited. I even thought about going to a 250 EXC but the 4-stroke is easier for an old guy.... The older 400's were geared way to high and for tight stuff the 14/52 combo was great. My couple of cents......
  9. Senior-Rider

    Poor handling '07 EXC

    My 06 was definitely undersprung as I am similar weight to you especially as compared to my 02. After I changed the springs and added a steering damper, the bike is awesome.....
  10. Senior-Rider

    tell me about going from crf250r to 450exc

    I did exactly what you are asking about and never looked back. I did some modifications on the R to make it woods compatible as I never ride tracks much. You will notice the weight difference but I can also leave the KTM in 3rd and pretty much use the throttle to accomplish my needs. I added a GPR steering stablilizer, which really helped the handling. Everything considered, I am much happier with the KTM and as mentioned, the maintenance requirements of the Honda were significant as compared to the KTM.
  11. Senior-Rider

    06 ktm 400exc jetting

    My 06 450 EXC was lean and I was never able to get it operating with the existing needle, etc. so I went with the JD kit and that corrected the issue with minimal tuning.
  12. Senior-Rider

    looking for place in Owensboro, KY for 6 year old to ride

    Panther creek area is pretty close but you would really need to have someone riding with them. Dunns MX Playground has a beginners track that is easily monitored, it is about a hour from Owensboro. http://dunnsplaygroundmotocross.com/
  13. Senior-Rider

    New 450 EXC problem....

    Just curious if you had determined that you did have a head gasket leaking. The 06's are very lean and under some conditions will run anti-freeze out the overflow and it will catch in the front of the engine.
  14. Senior-Rider

    '06 exc's

    No problems on my behalf
  15. Senior-Rider

    Renfro Valley

    Rode both days and about 190 miles. Good ride to say the least and kudos to the folks setting the routes.