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  1. Id like to thank everybody i purchased a set of Renthal Twin Walls with Moose clamps cant afford the RG3 clamps i hope that'll at least help my arms have been getting used to the armpump and vibrations so this switch should help me out alot. I checked the torque on the engine mounts and there all to speck...i just think the 04's vibrated alot more than the newer bikes.
  2. so whats better twin bars or the pro tapers im six foot four what bends should i use. I like Reeds but Pastruma's bends are interesting too?
  3. stiffen them up then more compression ?
  4. thanks guys ill look up some Renthal twin wall bars cuz i think the stock bars are crap...but oh yea GO YAMAHA!
  5. dont know if this is common on the 2004 YZ 450F but the vibrations just numb my hands. I can only do about 5 laps full throttle really racing it hard and then i got to stop. Is there anything i can do or buy to help. Dont know if a set of pro taper bars will help or hand grips something ideas? Maybe i just need to build up some strength. haha! I rode my buddys 06 and it was wonderful i could ride it all day maybe its the pro tapers.
  6. battle

    YZ450F compression?

    Yea my buddy has an 06 and it hawls ass he ends up always faster than my 04 must be the 5 speed
  7. battle

    Envergy drinks v. good or bad?

    I personnaly dont use energy drinks on a daily basics but before i ride i drink a Monster and im more alert and ready to rock.
  8. battle

    426 and 400 what's differance?

    the 426 is snappier whereas the 400 has more of a mellow powerband