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  1. Low TP on street, cupping from braking.
  2. Take a look here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HNSB3DrqJqHTInjVDKKS4HNSHZPbdK0ElbfNI5HxuZg/edit?hl=en#gid=570401124
  3. MRD has the flow capacity for BB and stroker kits when the time comes.
  4. EBC has 270 and 320mm rotor kits with brackets.
  5. Plugged pilot jet gives your symptoms.
  6. Stock petcock?
  7. 120/90 rear, don't go too big or the rear will push you into the turn. Recommend HD inner tubes and rim locks.
  8. Oil is definitely your friend in most cases. Wesson oil parties can cause some interesting acrobatics due to reduced coefficient of friction.
  9. Reboring a stock cylinder assumes the following: Quality boring equipment Qualified tech Quality plating service That said, a good shop will fit your piston to the proper clearances. Don't know the cost, would guess a near wash.
  10. Try moving idle up, preferred is 1500-1700 rpm.
  11. Initially I was looking for less back pressure or more flow thru the muffler. Core drilled the end cap, more noise, no gain.
  12. Try repacking the muffler.
  13. Nice to see some one keeping old machinery alive. Inherited my Dad's 12x48, did the same tear down, clean and paint .(couple months). Spindle bearings are not cheap. Still needs TLC but works well. Look to replace that lantern tool post, QCTP's save set up time.
  14. IMS 3.9 is more a WR blue. No probs with this tank.
  15. Mousie, is that an Atlas/Craftsman lathe?