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  1. Had seen a pic here for the Gixxer wind screen, didn't know the mod name.
  2. 38super

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    GSXR wind screen ($15), attached to headlight shroud with 3/4 & 2" stand offs using dbl stick tape. Wind hits neck level, very minor buffeting crossing an 18 wheeler bow wake. edit: clears front brake line.
  3. 38super

    RM 125 Wheel not fitting on DRZ400SM

    PM ptgarcia, he's done this.
  4. 38super

    Tail light but no brake light

    Goo up those electrical connectors with a dielectric (non conducting) grease, usually silicone or trailer connector grease. Corrosion never goes away.
  5. 38super

    How does this MRD exhaust packing look?

    Just keep the perforated tube engaged to the mid pipe and is centered while you're packing. Otherwise you fight with the end cap. There should be some compliance (air space) to the packing.
  6. 38super

    DRZ400sm Starting Issues

    pull stator cover and look for cooked or chaffed wiring.
  7. 38super

    Oil box repair...Will it work?

    roleyrev is a member here.
  8. 38super

    Hot Rods Stroker Kit on sale on Amazon.

    And the families.
  9. 38super

    crashed my drz, how to store it until able to ride

    You must have redeeming qualities for her to care, we on the other hand . . . . . .
  10. 38super

    How does this MRD exhaust packing look?

    FMF used to sell a pink fiberglass packing, easy to unravel and stuff a muffler. The glass mat stuff is good too but a little harder to install. Wear gloves, a dust mask is a recommended. Don't scratch, hot water flush. MRD sells replacement packing. edit: black stuff is soot not oil unless you're running premix, condensation will cause holes in the packing as it burns off.
  11. 38super

    Got the deal of the day yesterday...2018 DRZ400SM

    Look for Pazoma levers on fleabay, good stuff.
  12. 38super

    3m 4412n tubleless conversion question

    Try this, Debi shared this with us. https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1123542-motard-wheel-rim-tape-alternatives/?tab=comments#comment-12209976
  13. 38super

    Power washing

    Like AR sez, plan on regreasing everything. Good timing since the motor is out.
  14. 38super

    Another big bore question

    ADV riding means bullet proof. Just to add, take a look at this LA B to V vid. Paul Flanders (D37) is the guy being interviewed at AV KTM. Mind his words on spares and what to bring, I'd rather preach to the choir than to hear of a lost rider. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZWUPvr3E7A
  15. 38super

    Another big bore question

    Oooo, DV. CVK is just a bigger BSR, constant velocity (CV) carbs are less sensitive to altitude changes. FCR is a streetable race carb, tad more sensitive. Doesn't mean an FCR won't work. Expect an FCR is bit more jetting fussy. I've ridden from South Bay to Wrightwood, jetting was very rich at Krakta Ridge / Mt. Waterman.