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  1. 38super

    Here we go!: Slow boat to wide-ratio 462

    RMZ Frame?
  2. 38super

    DRZ only runs choked

    If you still have a vacuum petcock, make sure the vacuum line is connected.
  3. 38super

    Poor Jetting Tuning

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HNSB3DrqJqHTInjVDKKS4HNSHZPbdK0ElbfNI5HxuZg/edit?hl=en#gid=1172546203l Recommend a 22.5 PJ, MJ could be a little smaller but if it runs good leave it for a tuning day.
  4. 38super

    DRZ only runs choked

    Pilot jet is clogged, either clean or get a new one.
  5. 38super

    Web grind 540/539 too much cam for bbk?

    ping ohiodrz
  6. 38super

    Lower Chain Roller destroyed...Run it without?

    Used skate board wheel?
  7. 38super

    Carb tweaking...JD kit..tuner advise

  8. 38super

    Lower Chain Roller destroyed...Run it without?

    Run something down there, it helps keep the chain on the drive sprocket.
  9. 38super

    Jetting Spreadsheet + References

    Jetting Spreadsheet: The good things: Members have added carb specific data columns (yea) The bad things: Ham fisted data management (If you don't know excel, don't F with it)
  10. 38super

    Carb tweaking...JD kit..tuner advise

    Open vacuum line - lean condition throughout, worse at idle/low rpm.
  11. 38super

    BSR36 fuel screw

    Keintech is a proven product.
  12. 38super

    What DRZ-E is this?

    Consider a CVK40 from a KLR650 if you want more carb.
  13. 38super

    Why would a DRZ have a salvage title?

    Theft recovery
  14. 38super

    Coolant Overflow tank question

    Air tight is better, overflow fluid will siphon back into the rads. Otherwise, check your rad coolant levels before a big ride.