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  1. rm25x

    DRZ400SM get a baby Brother - DR125SM!

    Looks air cooled to boot, amazing that its not that much lighter then a 400. Wonder what the price difference is.
  2. rm25x

    Rear SM rotor not the same as the E/S

    Sheesh is there anything you don't know?
  3. rm25x

    DRZ SM to DRZS???

    I don't see why not, not that much different between them.
  4. rm25x

    home from the hospital....ride report

    My guess is he was on death wings...
  5. If you ride a lot on the road, a larger tail lamp can be a good thing, lots of people not paying attention driving their phone booths... um... I mean cars.
  6. rm25x

    Stock replacement exhaust guard in red?

    Also a good point.
  7. rm25x

    Digital temperature gauge

    Wow the vapor is sweet, great... something else I need to save for this winter. Need to loose the heavy stock setup.
  8. rm25x

    Speaking of fuses..harbor freight recall

    I work for GM Service and Parts Operations, and we have had a few fires due to these fuses come in to us. Here's something that went out to the center.
  9. rm25x

    Stock replacement exhaust guard in red?

    Or I could get that one and have it powder coated or anodized. It will be going on a Yosh system.
  10. rm25x

    Suspension set up for 205lb rider?

    If your running the compression as hard as it will go, you need a stiffer spring. Your robbing Peter to pay Paul basically...
  11. rm25x

    Dumb mistake, luckily no serious damage

    Sorry but if a pothole allowed it to slack enough for the strap to come off, you had the straps way too loose to begin with... Anytime I strap my bike down, I grab the hand guard and shake it hard to make sure it can't go anywhere. Bike barely moves.
  12. rm25x

    Stock replacement exhaust guard in red?

    hmm wasn't sure how that would hold up. Kinda suprised no one offers an upgraded better looking one.
  13. wow you guys are good, thanks.
  14. Does anyone know if anyone makes a red pipe guard that mounts to the mid pipe? Can be aluminum or whatever, just want a red one. Tried searching with no luck. TIA.