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  1. Vegasdirtrider

    What is The Value of My 2001 XR440R?

    My 2001 XR440R is in excellent condition. It has been replaced by another bike and has been sitting for the last three years. Thanks for your help! http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/item/5584-xr440r/
  2. Vegasdirtrider

    Which is better for the XR400 - Mineral or synthetic Oil

    I was advised by a performance engine builder in Las Vegas that running full synthetic oil will prevent new rings, valves and cams from properly seating or wearing in. Full synthetic oil will with stand higher temps before breaking down providing better lubrication and preventing engine wear.
  3. Vegasdirtrider

    dowel fell down in cam-chain area. Help!

    Now you have a good reason to change out your cam chain as well...
  4. Vegasdirtrider

    10:1 or 11:1 ?

    I have a 2001 XR440R with a 11:1 Wiseco piston, stage 3 Hot Cam and a Mikuni pumper. Runs a little hotter than normal but runs fine on 91-92 pump gas.
  5. Vegasdirtrider

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    Two CR500R's and One MPSCR500AF.
  6. Vegasdirtrider

    Anybody with a CR500

    32:1 Amsoil
  7. Vegasdirtrider

    Gen 5 CR500

    Nice job guys, awesome bike! What did the parts & materials run for the build?
  8. Vegasdirtrider

    WB E2 Exhaust

    Thanks for the info! I haven't received the WB E2 exhaust pipe yet so I was wondering if the screws on the pipe could be tack welded to prevent them from turning out?
  9. Vegasdirtrider

    WB E2 Exhaust

    I picked up a new White Bothers E2 slip on exhaust for my 2003 CRF450R on ebay for $152.00. Anybody using this exhaust on a CRF450R? Any comments on the performance good or bad would be appreciated.
  10. Vegasdirtrider

    Anyone run a K&N air filter on a 04

    I run K&N air filters in all my dirt bikes, both 2 & 4 strokes. I ride in the desert outside Las Vegas, extremely dusty conditions most of the time. I have never had a problem with K&N air filters not performing.
  11. Vegasdirtrider

    2000 XR400 rebuild & refresh finally completed

    Very Nice!
  12. Vegasdirtrider

    Cr500 vs ktm505

    I am thinking about picking up a KTM 505 for desert riding. How do they compare to a CR500?
  13. Vegasdirtrider

    what oil to put in my bike?

    Amsoil tests results. http://amsoil.adobeconnect.com/motorcyclewhitepaper
  14. Vegasdirtrider

    building a cr500af few problems

    I had the same problem when I installed a 3.3 gallon IMS desert tank in my (2003 CRF450R) MPS500AF. I used a heat gun and a block of wood to push in the bottom of the tank. While putting slight pressure on the tank, heat the tank just enough to make it pliable, be careful not to overheat the tank and destroy the material. Keep pressure on the tank until the material cools enough to hold the new shape. I also use the NGK br8ecm plug. Using a drill press is a great idea!
  15. Vegasdirtrider

    Ahh smoke.. Only this time with a new top end

    I did not have any problems with the engine smoking after installing the 440 big bore and stage 3 cam. Did you follow OEM installation procedures when installing the new piston and rings? See attached. Did you install OEM valve seals?