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  1. Gani_riders

    TTR125 front chain cover

    Anyone have a spare one laying around? I know this sounds like a wanted ad. It's because the site is under construction still and I'm in immediate need of the cover. I just sold the bike tonight, with a few more touch ups to do for the buyer. Email at tydaws@hotmail.com
  2. Gani_riders

    YZ 125 motor blown?

    Hate to ask...but we've all done it.. is the gas on?
  3. Gani_riders

    Kicker spring and ball bearing

    im looking for the ball inside the kick start lever as well as the spring. NOT the return spring
  4. Gani_riders

    Kicker spring and ball bearing

    Hey, Bought a project ttr 125. Missing the ball bearing and kicker inside the kicker mechanism (not in the case). Anyone have a spare set sitting around I could buy off them? Im pretty sure you need to purchase a new kicker to get that part.
  5. Gani_riders

    yz125 winter trails

    where in ontario r u!? holy man!
  6. Gani_riders

    When to stop using helmet?

    New helmet. No questions asked. Its your head dude. You don't many chances at experimenting with brain damage. Do the right thing. Replace it. You may not see damage but there is always chances of internal damage to the foam or hairline fractures
  7. Gani_riders

    05 CRF250R Cylinder Head

    Hey guys. Haven't been on here in a while. Just wanted to check interest in the sale of a used cylinder head with valves (needs new springs). Where would be the best place to sell this, ebay? Value? Essentially I am looking for an educated quote.
  8. Gani_riders

    Looking for an opportunity. Please read!

    The problem is here in Canada most local pros are already snagged by someone. Also ya I am taking a mechanical engineering diploma come september. Ive been developing my own service shop up here currently. And wrenching on many bikes.
  9. Hey guys, Over this past weekend I spoke my Malcolm Stewarts mechanic, Scoot Raybon. After speaking with him I came to the realization that I really want to be a team mechanic. Along with my extensive background in working on dirt bikes I figured this is worth a try. I am looking for the opportunity to work with a race team in the states and shadow a mechanic or possibly take the role as a mechanic for a team. I can provide a thorough mechanics resume if needed. I am willing to fly to the states for a few months to get some real experience. As anyone from Canada will tell you, moving anywhere in the motocross industry just isn't much of an option, in comparison to the states. If anyone is interested please contact me through private messages.
  10. Gani_riders

    05 YZ 250 too much?

    Remember 90% of ridin is the rider.... 10% bike a good rider is fast on any bike
  11. Gani_riders

    Project KDX 220R - The Rebuild

    For all you canadians check out gnarlyparts.com AMAZING prices and GREAT service. 9$ ground shippin accross canada. And they are on their game with that stuff!
  12. Gani_riders

    Low compression after rebuild?

    thats wat i was thinking. Ima rip er apart and hone her out
  13. Gani_riders

    Low compression after rebuild?

    do u ever find it takes a few kicks to start even when warm?