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  1. Yami-Ivan


    2006 yz250V that purchased new.
  2. Yami-Ivan


    Unfortunately...not anymore.
  3. Yami-Ivan


    I'm in Louisa Ky, I haven't ridden the bike since January of this year. I've got the itch again. Gonna get it out today in the rain I guess.
  4. Yami-Ivan

    yz250 winter spark plug and jetting!

    In the cold months, 40°F and below.. I run a #7 slide, 48 pilot, N3EW-3 slot, and a #175 main. Bike is stock with 11 oz. Steahly flywheel weight and wiseco prolite. Runs great for single track.
  5. Replaced the Cycra re-styled front fender with a 2015 OEM fender. Color matches now, the Cycra fender just wasn't the same shade.
  6. Thanks, mine were the originals from '06. I thought it was time for new ones and the OEM "pipes" are rediculously expensive.
  7. Added some mx bonz vent hoses.
  8. Yami-Ivan

    02 yz250 different motor than 03?

    If it is "un-molested", I'm sure they would help you out and exchange it.
  9. 0 comments

    Just got it, haven't had time time get to "know her" yet.
    Just got it, haven't had time time get to "know her" yet.
  10. Yami-Ivan

    Yamaha YZ250 2006

    Yamaha man.
  11. Yami-Ivan

    Yamaha YZ250 (2006)


    Yamaha man.
  12. I yanked the old factory effex graphics off that I put on there about 5 or 6 years ago. They tank sections removed themselves years ago, I lent a helping hand for the air box and radiator shrouds. Before and after.
  13. I have to say, unless standing in 6-8" of water for a couple minutes, my SIDI Crossfires have kept my feet dry.