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  1. John407

    Rekluse clutch cover on 2019 ?

    Thanks for the ideas guys. I’ll look into them both. I did look at boysen but I can’t tell if the are deeper, I thought they used to advertise that one of their advantages was more oil capacity.
  2. John407

    Rekluse clutch cover on 2019 ?

    Hi guys, I need some help. I have a 2019 KX450 and I have a Rekluse Core EXP clutch from my 2016 KX450. The clutch plates and basket are the same, what isn't the same are the clutch covers. Not a big deal till today, I talked to Rekluse and found out that they (Rekluse) are not/ will not be producing covers for the 2019 KX450. Rekluse has moved on from the Core EXP to the RadiusCX that does not need a deeper clutch cover like the Core EXPs did. My question? Does anyone have any ideas how I can get my CoreEXP to work in my new bike? I really don't want to switch clutches. Any other covers I could look at? Thanks in advance.
  3. John407

    2019 KX450 Fork setup

    I've been using the David Pingree settings that he suggested when he tested the bike for Racer X. I'd suggest you start there it's working great for me.
  4. John407

    2019 KX 450

    Put them in both tubes, and raised the oil level to get it back to stock height. It’s too bad about the springs being on back order. Forks still feel pretty plush. I’ve only ridden one practice day (2 15 mom moto) on a track that was really well prepared. I’ll let you know if I feel the same on dry hard dusty normal conditions.
  5. John407

    KLX 650 R Triple Clamps

    I put the forks and triple clamps off my 04 KX250. Had to switch steering stem bearings to get the 04 stem to fit into my 93 KLX650. Not too tough. What I had not thought of was that the KX has a way steeper steering angle than the KLX was designed with. I ended up with a 300lb dirt bike with awesome head shake. I rode it a couple times and switched it to stock klx clamps with 1990 kx250 forks. What I’m trying to say is be wary. I thought my fork and clamp switch was pretty easy workable solution until I rode it.
  6. John407

    2019 KX 450

    The heavier springs make a big difference. The bike feels more stable in rough straights, the bike stayed in the rut in rutted corners with less effort/corrections. Both of these improvements were noticeable but a bigger improvement was in braking. With the 52 front springs the bike does not dive (like it did) when you are hard on the front brake. My bike is set up like David Pingree suggested on RacerX.
  7. John407

    2019 KX 450

    The rear shock is 5.6 kg and the forks are 52 nm. If I can find the bill I’ll post the part #s. Sorry I get rid of the bills right away so the finance dept (wife) does not see them.
  8. John407

    2019 KX 450

    I'm 205 without gear. I just put in the 52 fork springs and the 5.6 shock spring. I haven't ridden it yet. The stock springs were too light. Looking forward riding the bike with correct sag.
  9. John407

    Where’s the 19 450’s at?

    It needs a special charger
  10. John407

    Rear wheel - 2015 vs 2019

    I've used the rear wheel off my 2016 on my 2019. It works fine even with the smaller rear disc. I couldn't really tell a difference.
  11. John407

    Dunlop guys, what psi you run?

    I had a couple rear flats at 11 psi, been running 14 psi front and back for a couple months. I actually like the front better at 14. I ride MX on hard pack most of the time.
  12. John407

    advice kx450f

    Sounds like the chain running on the swing arm. Look at the top of swing arm behind the slider. Should see chain wear imdictations.
  13. John407


    I think it will fit. I'm using a rear wheel assembly from a 2004 KXF 250 on my 2016 KXF 450. I'd say it's Definitely worth a try.
  14. John407

    How to tell clutch plates apart

    I think The friction plates are different. Some of the plates have less fiber on them. The repair manual shows that there are 2 different friction plates in the stack.
  15. John407

    Longer shift lever?

    . You have to use a grinder. Bring it off.